The Insanity Of Addiction

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There are few greater medical mysteries than why addicts are so often resistant to recovery, especially when reaping the negative attributes of addiction, such as physical health problems, mental health problems, and legal problems. If a physician tells someone he or she has a life-threatening illness that can be treated effectively, most everyone would eagerly pursue treatment. Not the addict. The reasons addicts give for not accepting treatment are complex and not fully understood. Here are a few of the more prominent reasons:
The Insanity of Addiction
Not surprisingly, addicts think and behave irrationally. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) uses the term insanity to describe the alcoholic’s impaired ability to think clearly and make wise choices.
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Society views addiction as a moral failing rather than an illness, further reducing the addict’s willingness to acknowledge his or her addiction and seek treatment. Seemingly, society believes it’s okay to have an illness such as diabetes, but it’s not okay to have the illness of addiction. Despite our progress in so many areas of life (such as moving forward on racial and gender equality, albeit slowly), the social stigma associated with substance abuse has barely made a dent if even a scratch. Even many physicians hold a negative view of the …show more content…
It’s the same as with marijuana.
• Things go better with drugs; so why should I stop?
• It doesn’t hurt anyone else.
• I live on the street. I can’t avoid using.
• I would be embarrassed if anyone found out.
• Not to worry, I can stop anytime I want. Just not today.
• Better living through chemistry.
• I can’t afford treatment.
• It would be hard to arrange transportation to see the doctor.
• I don’t even like the stuff.
• My parents would never kick me out if they found out. They love me too much.
• I get my drugs for free, so where’s the problem?
• Drugs relieve my depression and give me more energy. But I’m afraid of your medicines.
• I’ve given up trying to stop using. It’s too painful to withdraw, and the cravings are like torture.
• My boyfriend uses. I would lose him if I stopped.
• My parents use. If it’s okay for them, it’s okay for me. Case closed.
• I won’t be accepted by my friends if I stop using.
• I have nothing better to do with my time.
• My husband would kill me if he found out.
• I only like myself when I’m doing drugs.
• If you think drugs are a problem, then you’re the one who needs help.
• I’m sad. Drugs make me happy for a while.
• I’m lonely. Drugs comfort me.
• Drugs don’t talk back

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