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  • Sushi In American Pop Culture

    The globalized nature of contemporary society resulted in the widespread proliferation of cultural commodities. This is present in the entertainment world, multinational corporations, and even food culture. In developed countries, the cultural palate expanded to include international delicacies. One of these delicacies is modern sushi. This industry began in Japan, but over time it became a global phenomenon in restaurants everywhere. The explosion of this industry placed additional demands on fishing, namely of bluefin tuna. While essential to restaurants across the world, these animals are in danger of extinction from overfishing. These apex predators are critical to the marine food web. Our level of consumption of undomesticated species is unprecedented by our impact on bluefin tuna populations. We must begin to source our tuna through environmentally sound aquaculture to make it sustainable for long-term consumption. Sushi is a demonstration of artistry and tradition, continuing to be a staple in Japanese culture for thousands of years. While it was a local dish, served with fish from along Japanese shores, it has evolved into a phenomenon for food connoisseurs worldwide. In mid 1950s, the first sashimi restaurants put down roots on the California Coast. Not even twenty years later, America would become accustomed to the self-proclaimed California Roll (Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Status Review Team 23). We live in a sushi-crazed society. We have sushi in our grocery stores,…

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