Evangelical Protestants Arguments Against Vegetarianism

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Evangelical Protestants maintain influence in American democracy due to their size and involvement in government. One third of Americans are considered to be evangelical Christians. Evangelical Protestants adhere to a strict moral code and place a strong emphasis on the importance of family values. As a result, they object to gay marriage, stem cell research, and abortion. Evangelicals are firm in their beliefs and form pluralist groups like the National Association of Evangelicals, the Family Research Council, and the Christian Coalition to influence members of Congress to vote in correlation with their ideals. Evangelical Protestants object to same-sex marriage by organizing marches and protests. They have produced papers on the moral …show more content…
In addition to finding the termination of an embryo 's life immoral, because an embryo is a legitimate person. Evangelicals believe that intercourse is only moral when performed by a married couple with the intent of procreation. (5) As a result, the religion rules that all pregnancies among evangelical Protestants should be intentional, making termination unnecessary. Currently, there are evangelical Protestant groups lobbying against national healthcare coverage of abortion and abortifacients. The Family Research Council recently released a statement informing that the 2017 Obamacare Plan covers abortion on demand. Although it is possible to select a plan that does not cover abortion, American tax-dollars will still go to subsidies to cover the government’s cost of paying for abortions. Abortifacients are drugs that intentionally result in a miscarriage. Many types of contraceptives are considered to be abortifacients. In 2012 an evangelical Protestant CEO challenged the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in the Supreme Court as a violation of the Freedom of Religion. David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby believes it is a violation of his freedom of religious expression to have to provide group healthcare for his employees that covers contraception. Since then there has been a national controversy asking if a for-profit companies have the right to deny their employees’ health coverage of contraception based on the religious objections of the company 's owners? The case was taken to the Supreme Court in 2013, only to ultimately be passed down to lower level courts. David Green is one of many evangelical Protestants outraged with the concept of covering the cost of abortions and abortifications under a group healthcare plan. The Christian Coalition, an evangelical group, is outraged that Obamacare covers the cost of

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