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  • Islamic Fundamentalism

    Fundamentalism refers to the static adoption of a given ideology in ones life (3), often leading to a firm rejection of alternate beliefs and a strictly authoritarian world view (1). Religious fundamentalism employs a literal acceptance of the ideology and scriptures of a given religion (11), driven by the psychological character of the fundamentalist who 's primary aim is to create a society based off their religious ideology (6). The ways in which fundamentalism affects human behaviour can be observed through the psychological theory of Sigmund Freud, emphasising the role of the unconscious in shaping beliefs and their corresponding behaviours. The role of Islamic fundamentalism specifically in recent terror attacks conducted by Islamic State,…

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  • Anthropology Of Fundamentalism

    The Anthropology of Fundamentalism Fundamentalism from an anthropological perspective is interpreted quite differently than fundamentalism from the historical perspective. First and foremost, there is no argument about whether or not fundamentalism describes movements outside of the Protestant movement in the United States. Anthropologists interpret fundamentalism as one of many human reactions to modern society. For the fervently religious, fundamentalism is an attempt to reunite the morals…

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  • Compare And Contrast Wendell Berry And Wendell Slater

    several areas, and so psychosurgery is based on a flawed attempt to carry over the same physicalist thinking that has been so powerful in bodily medicine, inappropriately to the medicine of the mind.” (Slater) The world of physicalism that the study of medicine has adapted to, positively impacts the advancement in the world of medicine because of the impact that the results have proven. On the contrary, there is a trail that this desire for existing physical substances leaves behind and the…

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  • Evangelical Protestants Arguments Against Vegetarianism

    Evangelical Protestants maintain influence in American democracy due to their size and involvement in government. One third of Americans are considered to be evangelical Christians. Evangelical Protestants adhere to a strict moral code and place a strong emphasis on the importance of family values. As a result, they object to gay marriage, stem cell research, and abortion. Evangelicals are firm in their beliefs and form pluralist groups like the National Association of Evangelicals, the Family…

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  • Religious Fundamentalism

    Introduction Religious fundamentalism, according to Riesebrodt, quoted by Samuel (2015),is an urban movement directedprimarily against dissolution of personality, patriarchal notions of order and social relations and their replacement by depersonalized principles. There are different types of religious fundamentalism too: Islamic fundamentalism According to Munson (2014), there is a variation of the character of Islamist movements throughout the world. While some Islamists resort to terrorism,…

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  • Definition Of Fundamentalism Analysis

    religions, this looks very different depending on the faith. Understanding Fundamentalism Christianity, Islam, and Jewish Movements, by Richard T. Antoun, aids in looking at fundamentalism in the three most widely practiced religions in the world. In order to more fully understand fundamentalism in each of these religions there will need to be a focus on three different aspects of fundamentalism as understood by Antoun. First, fundamentalism must be defined. Fundamentalism must be defined on a…

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  • Christian Fundamentalism

    Liberal Christianity vs Christian Fundamentalism There has always been a tension between those who have a liberal perspective and those who have a fundamentalist perspective on anything in life. This is for good reason, those with liberal views believe change is necessary and those with fundamentalist views believe that change is not. When you apply these two ways of thinking to a religious text such as the Christian Bible you get a separation within a religion. Between the two ways of…

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  • Steve Bruce's Fundamentalism

    Every religion has its own set of rules and beliefs. Fundamentalism is a religious community that is fixed set of beliefs that cant be charged or altered. In the book Fundamentalism by Steve Bruce, he talks about different social strains and religious ideas that cause fundamentalist activity during 9/11, bombings, war against terrorists, and suicide. He talks about how some religions are more willing to use violence to achieve their goals. One example given in the book, "We could mention the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Islamic Fundamentalism

    The Islamic Fundamentalism is a movement of Muslims go back to their roots, obey the regulation and the words on their original Muslim holy book - The Quran. In recent years, the phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalism has captured the attention of the Western mass media, such as the September 11 attacks in New York City and the November 2015 Paris attacks. These news makes public to consider the Islamic Fundamentalism as a terrorist. Some people even portrayed Muslims as violent fanatics and the…

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  • The Reluctant Fundamentalism

    Peter Morey, 2011, argues that there has been a basic shift in attitudes surrounding cultural difference in the post 9/11, “Age of Terror”. Morey argues The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a hoax narrative that destabilizes the cultural certainties that emerged in trauma narratives in literature following 9/11. “Culture talk” is a theory that essentially boils a culture down to one “essence” that is used to define the entire culture. Morey suggests that The Reluctant Fundamentalist forces readers to…

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