Fungal diseases

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  • Ringworm Informative Speech

    Dermatology Department Today we will discuss the main conditions or diseases we see here in the pediatric department of Dermatology. First we will discuss Ringworms also known as Tinea. I am sure everyone has known someone and especially a child who has gotten ringworms. Before I say anything let me inform you a ringworm is not caused by a worm, I will explain where the name comes from soon. Ringworm is a dermatitis (skin rash), which is caused by dermatomycosis (fungal infection of the skin). Ringworm causes ichthyosis (abnormal condition of dry or scaly skin). It appears on the skin as round; like a ring, dry scaly red patches. Ringworm can be found in different places. Like earlier I mentioned ringworm is known as Tinea, so there are multiple…

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  • Osteomyelitis In The Human Skeletal System

    The adult human skeletal system consists of 206 bones, in which are held together by a network of ligaments, tendons and cartilage that connect them together. Besides movement the skeleton also provides protection to vital organs such as our brain, our heart, lungs and abdominal organs. Although our skeleton provides us with such protection it is still prone to injury, wear and tear, infections, tumors and other conditions that can damage bone and become life threatening. …

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  • Skin Diseases In The Salon Essay

    Although some diseases that are introduced in the salon are not contagious there are other diseases that are very serious to people’s well being. Skin diseases especially on the hands, affect one in five hairstylists. In fact, skin diseases are the number one occupation-related disease in America. Many chemicals produce symptoms ranging from itchy rash to serious burns or allergies. In the salon, these problems are usually seen on the fingers, hands, wrists, and scalp(John Halal). In cosmetology…

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  • Essay On Ringworm

    Are you thinking right now that ringworm is a scary, creepy-crawly invasion of critters on your body? Luckily this common thought is not the case. Understandably, many people mistake ringworm to be a parasitic worm infection due to the descriptive common name for this fungal infection. The good news is that this infection is not caused by worms. If it’s not a worm, however... what exactly is it? Ringworm is an infection caused by a fungus most commonly known as Trichophyton Rubrum. Also, this…

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  • Coral Diseases

    Over the past decade the accounts of various coral diseases have been on the rise which had lead to the decimation of keystone species of corals throughout mainly the world’s tropical oceans. Since the mid-1990s, 18 coral diseases affecting at least 150 scleractinian, gorgonian, and hydrozoan zooxanthellate species have been described in the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific (Sutherland et al. 2004). Most of these diseases have been caused by bacterial, fungal, and protist type pathogens as well the…

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  • Benefits Of Genetic Engineering

    As it states in Source A “ Even without a ban, it will be upper-class parents who can afford pricey genetic technologies. “ this evidence shows that if their was no limits to genetic engineering then the rich people would become even more elite because not only would they have money but they also would not be plagued with the common genetic disease that the rest of the population would have to deal with. Also in Source A it states “Sooner or later, as the most glaring genetic liabilities will…

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  • The Ethics Of Euthanasia In The Victorian Era

    There are other key reasons that also lead people to become unaccepting of death, one of which being advancements in modern medicine and science. As mentioned above, common illnesses and diseases such as pneumonia, that once proved to be fatal for many, no longer play a large risk due to modern medicine. People today are not as quick to die from illnesses as they once were, instead there are cures available, or at least treatments that can hold off death for a number of years. This results in…

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  • Major Causes: The Death Of A Child

    viewed as mechanistic when it is viewed as working like a machine with different components or parts. The mechanistic body has no interaction with the world or environment surrounding it, therefore the mechanistic body is functioning independently. According to Marcum (2004), the human body is viewed as a material, mechanized objet that is reducible to a collection of physical parts. From this perspective, the patient’s body is “a machine composed of individual body parts, which can be fixed or…

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  • Biomedical Model Advantages And Disadvantages

    the environment. Repudiate psychological, environment and social influences. And the three health languages are;  Diagnosis: this investigates any disease or illness through medical procedures by observation of signs and symptoms and this is notice by the client’s history and test. In order for the professional to get the result you will need to through…

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  • Neurology Case Study

    In the late 1900s scientists were able to describe a rare congenital genetic disease called “1p36” for the first time. Later, in 2001, a girl named Sonia was born; two weeks after her birth, she had heart failure and her parents had to take her to the hospital due to low vital signs; that was the first time doctors noticed that there was something wrong with her. A couple of days later, they realized that not only her heart wasn’t functioning properly, but she had low muscle tone, and seizures.…

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