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  • Type 2 Diabetes Program Analysis

    $245billion was utilized in funding diabetes and their related complications in 2012. Despite the high cost, the paramount goal of the “healthy people 2020 program” is to reduce the prevalence of the condition and reduce the economic burden (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). This paper seeks to highlight on the goals and objectives of the program with regard to the impact of type 2 diabetes on health care costs. An analysis of the…

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  • Why Is Obesity Considered A Disease

    considered as a disease due to the statistical fact that America has been recently recorded as the second most obese country in the world. When it comes to the topic of obesity, most of us will readily agree that there is a large percentage of the country that is overweight and/or obese. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of if obesity is considered as a medical illness, in other words, a disease. Whereas some are convinced that obesity is identified as a disease due…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Gene Therapy

    that our fate was in our stars, but now we know that, in large measure, our fate is in our genes, " - James Watson. (Rocholl, 1996) Gene Therapy is the key to unlocking our fate that is deeply hidden within our genes. As viruses get stronger and new diseases are discovered, we need one treatment that can cure all of that. Scientists hope that this treatment will be Gene Therapy. It’s a brilliant idea, however there are many risks, regulations and ethical issues involved. It’s up to you whether…

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  • Huntington's Disease Article Summary

    The articles “Huntington’s Disease”, from, “The DNA Age”, by Amy Harmon, and “Fearing Punishment for Bad Genes”, by Kira Peikoff, define the characteristics and symptoms of Huntington’s disease, and also demonstrate the positive and negative results for receiving genetic testing. The article “The DNA Age” focuses more on Pathos, or the emotional side of the argument, and therefore was more interesting and heart-wrenching than the other two. “Huntington’s Disease” and “Fearing…

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  • Persuasive Essay Against Genetic Testing

    developing the certain disease, or to test to see if the person has other genetic conditions, which would impact their chance of passing on or developing a genetic disorder. Though many positives may outweigh the negatives of genetic testing, does not mean the drawbacks of it should not be considered. When your results are concluded, it may emotionally affect you and your family. Depending on the…

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  • Genetic Engineering Case Study

    While there are risks and dangers with every medical procedure, this is a way to possibly eradicate diseases and prevent viruses. However, no matter how strong or numbered the benefits are, there are still risks and dangers. There are questions as to whether or not developing countries will have access to this technology and that all depends on the price…

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  • Type B Tularemia Research Paper

    when going outside or hiking, and “the use of masks when mowing and other landscaping activities may reduce the risk of inhaling the bacteria,” (C.D.C, 2015). Lastly, researchers have been looking for an immunization as a final preventative of the disease. According to Preclinical testing of a Vaccine Candidate against tularemia, an immunization may be on its way. The research article discusses the steps researchers took in order to find a cure in mice. They reported, “emrA1 mutant is safe…

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  • Choosing Health

    areas. Health trainers give advice and support to individuals about healthy living and advice them in how they can make healthier lifestyle choices, so they can live a healthy life and lower the chances in getting life threatening diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke. This reason behind this programme which was that individuals would respond to health trainers and that they would get better results. Health trainers are usually from the community where the individual is from so they…

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  • Richard Gunderman's Views On Obesity Is Not A Disease

    pertaining to obesity and why it should not be considered a disease. ( Author’s Viewpoint: He believes that obesity is not a disease and if it were considered a disease over 78 million adults and 12 million children would then be sick. There is bias because it is clear to see that he believes that obesity is not a disease and he does not include the opposing side into his argument.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Designer Babies

    modified for beauty, intelligence or to be free of disease and they have long been a topic of science fiction”(Designer Babies ' Debate Should Start, Scientists Say.). With this technology and ideologies, we will have perfect people walking the Earth in no time. Although manipulating genes is dangerous, I want to inform you about what designer babies actually are. How you can change their gender, appearance, intelligence, susceptibility to diseases, and determine what kind of…

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