Fuzzy logic

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  • Fuzzy Logic Case Study

    CHAPTER 4 IMPLICIT RELATIONS ON WIKIPEDIA USING ASSOCIATION LINK NETWORK Finding the semantic similarity, use the Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping Daniel (2009). Fuzzy logic is a form of much logical value. Compared to traditional binary sets fuzzy logic variables may have a truth value that ranges in degree between -1 and 1. Fuzzy logic has been extended to handle the concept of partial truth, where the truth value may range between completely true and completely false. A cognitive map is a type of mental representation that serves an individual to acquire code, store, recall and decode information about the relative locations. A Fuzzy cognitive map is a cognitive map within that the relations between the elements of a mental landscape can be used to compute the strength of impact of these elements. The theory behind that…

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  • Fuzzy System Essay

    The use of neural networks in fuzzy modelling and control systems which are built on fuzzy logic has made possible the creation of the so-called neuro-fuzzy systems. A neuro-fuzzy system is a modified artificial neural network, meaning that this system contains a fuzzy system and more memory storage capacities than a simple neural network. Fuzzy systems are considered to be more friendly than neural networks because their behaviour can be explained using the human reasoning model. The main…

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  • Fuzzy Logic Controller Case Study

    To assure the effective performance of controller over wide range of system operations and to increase the transient stability of the system, a supplementary fuzzy logic controller (FLC) based on the Mamdani's fuzzy inference method is designed for the PI controller input. FLC generates the required small change for voltage to control the magnitude of the injected voltage. The centroid defuzzyfication technique is used is this fuzzy controller. The below fig describes the FLC structure. In this…

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  • The Importance Of Natural Systems

    things by taking inspiration from nature is very efficient in compare with things made from scratch. Under the guidance of Prof G.N Pillai, I completed a course project 'Neural Network approach for combining Discrete cosine transformation and Principal component analysis schemes for face recognition ' and also submitted this paper at National Conference on Communications. The proposed model uses the result from DCT and PCA schemes and combines them through single layer feed-forward neural…

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  • Patient Prioritization Essay

    Applications of fuzzy soft set theory in many disciplines and real life situations have been studied by many researchers but, its application in healthcare industry is new. To the best of our knowledge this is the first time in literature that this framework is introduced for patients’ prioritization. This chapter focuses on developing an interdisciplinary, systematic and innovative prioritization framework which is inspired by (Celik & Yamak, 2013) work on medical diagnosis. The proposed…

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  • Exploratory Research Papers

    A fuzzy set is a class of objects with a continuum of grades of membership. Such a set is characterized by a membership function that assigns to each object a grade of membership ranging from zero to one. Fuzzy sets generalize classical sets, because the indicator functions of classical sets are special cases of the membership functions of the fuzzy sets, if the latter only has values of 0 or 1. In fuzzy set theory, classical bivalent sets are commonly called crisp sets. Triangle fuzzy number…

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  • Sorites Argument Analysis

    Originating from soros, the Greek word for “heap,” sorites arguments utilize statements with miniscule differences which are centered around vague keywords to arrive at very paradoxical conclusions. For instance, one would typically be able to agree with the following statements: 1. A man with no hairs on his head is bald. 2. A bald man, if given one more hair, is still bald. These two statements, however, can be used to say that everyone is bald. For example, consider a man with no hairs on…

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  • Logic And The Importance Of Logic In Mathematics

    The rules of Logic specify the meaning of mathematical statements, it is the basis of all mathematical reasoning (Rosen, 2012). Its application in the area of computer science is very vast that even the computer itself defends on it, True or False, 1 or 0, and the presence or absence of bit. The study of Logic will increase your knowledge in formulating logically statements for the reason that program statements and expressions is built from repeated application of logical operators. This module…

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  • The Morality Of Active And Passive Euthanasia

    I believe that Mr. Rachels would agree with my argument above. In his article titled “Active and Passive Euthanasia,” he explains two scenarios; a case involving a patient with incurable throat cancer, and another involving a baby with Down’s syndrome and a easily treatable intestinal blockage. Though these arguments cover a wide range of cases, they don’t appear to apply to Ms. Reese’s case. Throughout James Rachels’ discussion of the morality of active versus passive euthanasia, he fails to…

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  • Why Is Being Biased Towards Bias?

    relying on reasoning and proof to influence belief or behavior through the use of spoken or written messages” (Rybacki 3). Notably being biased in an argument has a negative connotation amongst people and can also be used as a tool to attack an opponent in an argument (Walton 28). Alternatively, others believe being biased is having a passion to a particular stand point. There are numerous types of bias and after processing them in an argument it is logically to believe that an argument can…

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