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  • Developmental Framework

    A developmental framework In order to understand factors that may contribute to differences in interest and participation in science fields by gender, I present a developmental framework. My aim is to provide a framework that may guide future research. The benefit of a developmental framework is that it is both holistic, capturing the life course of youth that may lead to various later outcomes, but is also amenable to specific research questions about mechanisms that contribute to gender gaps. Others have taken sociological, psychological, or cognitive approaches (Xie et al., 2015). The benefit of a developmental approach is that it is ecological—it incorporates social, biological, and psychological factors. To give the framework analytical…

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  • Business Forecasting Essay

    1.0 Introduction Forecasting refers to the prediction of the future with the highest possibility of accuracy given that each and every information is provided, this including any historical data and any information involving future events that may ultimately influence the forecasts. (Hyndman, 2009). Expounding further, forecasting may refer to the process where an event in the future is estimated through forward past data casting, where the data is combined systematically in a manner that is…

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  • Case Study: Talent Alignment Could Alleviate Succession Challenges

    society and occasionally growing into enviable multinational corporations. Consider such multinational giants as Coca Cola, Barclays Bank and General Motors amongst others. Why is it that these organizations have continued thriving long after the demise of their founders, whereas those known to us in our situations continue becoming victims of challenged succession planning? Apparently, it’s difficult to solve any problem whose source is not easily comprehensible. There are numerous causes…

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  • Big Data Predictive Analysis

    This business strategy is important as it provides the data they need to make predictions for the future and it gives them the ability to modify when results are affected. In order to take this strategy into consideration, firms must provide their insights about customers, adapt to business practices and engage with customers. If firms don’t use predictive information to change the future, then they are just wasting their time (Gualtieri & Curran, 2015, p. 2). There are predictive…

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  • Technology Changing How Students Learn Teachers Say

    The writer Matt Ritchel does a great job addressing the audience and explaining what teachers believe about technology in school. The purpose of this specific article is to inform the audience of the effect technology has change the way students learn from a teacher point of view. The writer doesn’t take any side in this article, he lets the audience formulate and opinion, which a newspaper story purpose should always be. In The second genre in the video called “Technology in Education: A…

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  • Kazuo Ishiguro's On Habit

    Living and existing are two distinct actions. To use all available senses and appreciate the value of a constructed reality is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks humans face on a daily basis. Details become insignificant and a person may ignore the grand scope of their environment for the sake of following his or her routine. To only prioritize routine and ignore the details of one’s surroundings is to have a limited grid of interest, or a narrow sense of self-awareness in the space one…

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  • What Does Purpose Mean To You Essay

    daughter for my parents because I’ve always wanted for them to be proud of me. They have worked every day for 16 years in raising me to be a better person, and have also led me towards success for my future; the least I can do for them is to live out the life that they have worked so hard for me to have. I strive towards being a better friend to my friends because they have always been there for me when I am down and they have always looked out for me when I was not myself. They are in some…

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  • Multiple Predictions In Business

    Putting eggs in multiple baskets is obviously not literal, but it paints a picture for managing a business during uncertainty and turbulence. In any situation where the future is an important focus in business, which should be always, just one prediction will not be enough most of the time. Actually, that one prediction that a manager will make about his business could very well be wrong. The future always unfolds differently. Therefore, exploring multiple predictions is a great idea. Placing…

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  • Underserved Youth Summary

    negative activities and be on the street. Youth were able to build strong social bonds with peers and mentors and see how the skills they develop in the program can transfer into their everyday life. TDP provided youth with a supportive environment to exercise their leadership skills, understand the value of hard work and develop a person who demonstrates goal directed behaviour (Bean et al., 2014). Regarding dislikes, I found this article and program to be quite positive. The program aims to…

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  • Morals In Cinderella, By Eurydice, Theseus And The Two Sword

    Authors usually write in between the lines. Morals are taught, the most important values are learned and the stories impact the views of the reader. A myth is like a finished public dream, and every dream teaches lessons to the dreamer which benefits his or her life. In the traditional monomyths, such as Orpheus and Eurydice, Theseus and the minotaur and Alex and The Two Swords the most dominant morals taught are to never be selfish, to always get over disappointment so one does not live in the…

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