Angina pectoris

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  • Ringworm Informative Speech

    We will begin with discussion Arrhythmia (abnormal heart beat). There are different types of Arrhythmia, and they include Premature atrial contractions, theses are extra heartbeats that happen in the atria (upper chamber of the heart). These contractions usually do not cause harm and don’t require treatment. Another one is Atrial fibrillation, it’s a heart rhythm that causes the atria to contract abnormally. Multiple things such as coronary artery disease, heart attack injury, and electrolyte imbalances in your blood can cause arrhythmia. Also remember arrhythmia can occur in normal healthy hearts also. When dealing with arrhythmia symptoms may include dyspnea (shortness of breath), angina pectoris (chest pain or discomfort), and dizziness. Our next condition we will discuss is Rheumatic heart disease. Rheumatic heart disease is myocarditis (inflammatory disease of the heart) caused by an autoimmune reaction to an infection. This disease is caused when the heart muscles and valves get damaged due to rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever starts off as a strep throat that is undiagnosed or untreated and it became worse causing more serious…

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  • Example Of Angina Monologue

    In the script Ms. Young complained that at first, she experienced moderate chest pains that progressively got worse before her heart attack. This pain was described as if someone was putting pressure on her chest and it radiated down to her arms. Additionally, she felt as if she was struggling to breathe, nauseated, weak and sweating. This fits with the diagnosis of coronary artery disease that is the source of developing chronic stable angina and can induce a myocardial infraction like she…

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  • Coronary Heart Disease

    Coronary heart disease and angina • Angina is pain or discomfort that comes when your heart does not get enough oxygen. Angina is usually a symptom of a heart problem known as coronary heart disease (CHD), also called coronary artery disease (CAD)1 • • Your heart is a muscle. It pumps oxygen-rich blood to your whole body. Your heart also needs oxygen to work. Blood vessels called coronary arteries carry blood with oxygen to your heart. • • In healthy coronary arteries, blood flows freely to…

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  • Cardiovascular Disease: A Case Study

    There are two types of angina, stable and unstable. With stable angina, the symptoms only occur with certain activities, and rarely gets worse over time ("Angina," 2015). This slow onset gives the patient and doctors ample time to diagnose the condition and begin treatment. Unstable angina has a sudden onset and often gets worse over a short period, and is a warning sign that a heart attack may happen soon ("Angina," 2015). In 2015, Doctor George A. Stouffer III, writes that patients with…

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  • St. Mary's Hospital: A Case Study

    In the current semester, I have had the pleasure of caring for patients on the postoperative (PO) cardiac surgery unit at St. Mary’s Hospital. In this professional practice experience, I received the opportunity of caring for a female client who unfortunately suffered a myocardial infarction and subsequently received coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. Whilst caring for my client, I observed her using her incentive spirometer (IS) which is a standard protocol for PO CABG patients on the…

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  • SOMATOM Definition Flash Essay

    SOMATOM Definition Flash Unique to the SOMATOM Definition Flash are its Dual Source technology and the revolutionary Stellar Detectors. They make it possible to scan virtually any patient, both at very low radiation and contrast dose – no matter whether the patient has an unstable heart condition, cannot hold his breath, or is obese, very tall, poly-traumatized, or a moving child. Its unmatched innovations include a 78 cm gantry bore, 307 kg capacity, 2 x 100 kW, 2 m scan range, whole-organ…

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  • Myocardial Ischaemia Case Study

    pain which has radiated to his neck and occurred on rest. On arrival, the patient was pale and clammy, demonstrated shortness of breath. his pulse rate was 120 beats per minute, blood pressure 150/70 and his oxygen saturation level was 96%. The patient presented with chest pain due to myocardial ischaemia. Myocardial ischaemia is a disease caused by a coronary artery obstruction which reduces or cuts off the blood supply to the heart muscle tissue or myocardium and causes tissue ischaemia. 1…

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  • Gangsterization In Nursing

    Cardiovascular disease has long been the leading cause of death in the United States, and predicted to affect forty percent of our population by 2030 (Narang et al., 2016). Furthermore, research indicates that the cardiovascular workforce is inadequate to meet the rising demands of this patient population (Narang et al., 2016). In particular, a subset of cardiac care nurses, cardiac catheterization laboratory nurses are key members of this cardiovascular workforce. Although this nursing…

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  • Different Types Of Heart Attacks

    occurs if the heart needs more oxygen but the body cannot supply it at all due to certain conditions like infection, anemia or tacharrhythmia where there is an abnormally fast heart rate. This heart attack is often diagnosed with the presence of enzymes indicating heart muscle damage through blood tests. 5. Coronary thrombosis Coronary thrombosis occurs when there is a formation of a clot in an artery that conduct blood transfer to the heart muscle. This hinders blood flow to some areas of the…

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  • Ayurvedic Management Of Hridroga Case Study

    One tablet, twice a day is recommended for six months for reducing high cholesterol levels in blood. Guggul is contraindicated in pregnancy and gastritis (heartburn).  Garlic or Lashuna is excellent for preventing as well as curing heart disease. One capsule, thrice a day is effective in reducing high blood cholesterol and triglycerides.  For angina pectoris, Arjuna is the drug of choice. Arjuna-arishta is a standard Ayurvedic remedy for strengthening the heart. Six teaspoonfuls of the…

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