Analysis Of The Sptom Definition Flash

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SOMATOM Definition Flash
Unique to the SOMATOM Definition Flash are its Dual Source technology and the revolutionary Stellar Detectors. They make it possible to scan virtually any patient, both at very low radiation and contrast dose – no matter whether the patient has an unstable heart condition, cannot hold his breath, or is obese, very tall, poly-traumatized, or a moving child. Its unmatched innovations include a 78 cm gantry bore, 307 kg capacity, 2 x 100 kW, 2 m scan range, whole-organ perfusion coverage, and 75 ms temporal resolution.

Pediatric chest & body CT. Without sedation.
The SOMATOM Definition Flash scan speed resulted in a scan time of a fraction of a second for the whole chest and body, and we could show that there is no
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With only 40 mL contrast.
Aortic stenosis is often complicated by renal insufficiency. For these patients, CT Trans Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) with little or no contrast is key. With the Flash Spiral of the SOMATOM Definition Flash, it is possible to assess the entire aorta and iliac arteries in TAVI candidates with a low volume [40 mL] of contrast agent. Flash Spiral scanning therefore offers a real benefit for patients with impaired renal function: it can reduce the risk of contrast-induced nephropathy with subsequent dialysis in these critically ill patients.

All heart rates. No exclusions.
Reliable and robust imaging of the global heart anatomy including the coronary artery tree still poses a challenge in patients with high and irregular heart rates or atrial fibrillation (AF). SOMATOM Definition Flash’s 0.28 s rotation speed, two X-ray tubes and detectors create a heart-rate-independent temporal resolution of 75 ms of the entire heart pathology. This extends the benefits of coronary CTA [CT Angiography] at a safe radiation dose to a patient [suffering from AF] traditionally considered an inappropriate candidate for coronary CTA. Thus, SOMATOM Definition Flash simply and reliably provides electrophysiologists with anatomical details to optimize their ablation
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Blood flow and volume.
The SOMATOM Definition Flash provides dynamic myocardial stress perfusion imaging, while the hemodynamic relevance of stenosis can be evaluated by syngoVolume Perfusion CT (VPCT).
The ability to obtain accurate cardiac perfusion information, in addition to morphologic information from CT coronary angiography imaging, has significant implications. In a situation of intermediate coronary stenosis, the quantitative blood flow measurements allow immediate treatment decisions without the need for fractional flow reserve (FFR) with coronary catheterization. Already at the CT stage, doctors can therefore decide on the next steps: pharmacologic management or cardiac

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