Different Types Of Heart Attacks

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While we see a person suffering from heart attack on screens, there is still a big difference when we see it happening on an actual event. Though many people know what heart attack is, there are only few who deeply know and understand what it is all about. As a matter of fact, heart attack is not only heart attack. There are different types of heart attacks that can happen to anyone, including you. These types of heart attacks are best determined by diagnostic tools which your doctor will need to administer proper treatments and save your life the best way they can.
What is heart attack?
When the supply of oxygen-rich blood going to your heart muscle is cut off, heart attack occurs.
The condition of coronary artery disease (CAD) is one of the leading causes of heart attack. Since it is the coronary arteries that delivers the blood supply to the heart, it should remain healthy and unblocked. However, in cases of CAD, the arteries become narrow and blood flow is often impeded or blocked due to plaque deposits.
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If the heart is starved for 20 minutes because it is not getting enough blood and oxygen, a part of the heart muscles die and will cause permanent damage. In this short span of time, the death of a heart muscle is known as the heart attack.
What are the types of heart attacks?
Now that we have discussed what heart attack is and how it occurs, we will now dig deeper into the different types of heart attacks that you should take note of.
1. STEMI Heart

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