Coronary circulation

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  • Gangsterization In Nursing

    (1999), nurses new to the cardiac catheterization laboratory must learn “a complex web of knowledge associated with the functioning of the discourse community” (p.193). This complex web of knowledge includes not only the community’s values and goals, but the communication processes derived from the goals (Beaufort, 1999). The cardiac catheterization laboratory discourse community’s primary goal is to provide quality patient care in a safe, professional, and efficient manner. Members of the discourse community of interest in this study, include interventional cardiologists, radiologic technologists, and registered nurses. Interventional cardiologists perform minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat individuals with possible coronary artery disease. A radiologic technologist 's duties include assisting the cardiologist with operating the imaging equipment and monitoring radiation exposure for patients and staff during the procedure. All the while, nurses continuously monitor the patients’ vital signs, administer medications, and maintain ongoing discourse with the multidisciplinary team, as well as the patient during the procedure. While there is literature to support the development of nurses working in the pre- and post-cardiac catheterization laboratory settings; there is little information regarding the development of nurses working in the cardiac catheterization laboratory (Currey, White, Rolley, Oldland, & Driscoll, 2015). This investigation was an…

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  • Example Of Angina Monologue

    In the script Ms. Young complained that at first, she experienced moderate chest pains that progressively got worse before her heart attack. This pain was described as if someone was putting pressure on her chest and it radiated down to her arms. Additionally, she felt as if she was struggling to breathe, nauseated, weak and sweating. This fits with the diagnosis of coronary artery disease that is the source of developing chronic stable angina and can induce a myocardial infraction like she…

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  • Stent Essay

    Chapter 4 STENT DESIGNS Stents are small meshed spring like tubular structures used in angiolplasty to treat the narrow or weak coronary arteries that carry blood. The implantation of stent prevents the arteries from blowing out for a longer duration after surgery. One of the causes for blockage of arteries is the plaque deposition in the inner parts that eventually block the blood flow and may also lead to heart attacks. …

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  • The Importance Of Interest In The Academic Library

    the major service areas in the library. From the lower entrance of the library, a patron would need to walk up two flights of stairs and through a hallway that leads to the third entrance before even seeing the desk, if the patron was looking hard enough. Though it is near a major entry point to the library, it is easy to overlook it as it is hidden behind bulky pillars. Most patrons do not even glance in the direction of the reference desk because it is not near any specific place of use, such…

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  • Disadvantages Of Having Global Treaty For Climate Change

    Problems of having global treaty for climate change. There are always some advantage and disadvantage to any kind of law. The same is applied to having the global law for climate change, but there more disadvantage than having advantage of global climate change policy. The main disadvantage of having global law will be on many developing and underdeveloped in this word that need the cheap resource of energy to develop. If there are global treaty for climate change then these countries won’t…

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  • Importance Of Global Climate Change

    After giving and discussing the lesson with the class. I will show the students a video giving different reasons of what causes global climate change. In order to assure active learning of lower level students, I will assign the students an activity where they sit in groups of four. The four students in each group have to create two collages, one for natural causes and one for human causes, and give five statements on each collage of why global warming is a natural cause or a human cause. Two…

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  • Climate Change In Pakistan Case Study

    A pressing issue in Pakistan is the country’s vulnerability to climate change. In 2011 the Global Climate Change Vulnerability Index ranked Pakistan as the 16th most vulnerable country after enduring many severe floods, droughts and storms. In a country that relies heavily on the agriculture sector, taking up 45% of employment, the effect of climate change on farming is a serious matter that creates a possible threat to everyday lifestyle. While this issue has created discussion within the…

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  • Essay On Global Warming Brings

    What Global Warming Will Bring Since the Big Bang, there have been a total of seven Ice ages and seven warm periods in the Earth’s history. Accordingly, when the climate changes, many conditions such as sea levels, temperature, humidity and even the major existence of species have been altered as a natural phenomenon. As for this era, we are in interglacial period. Interglacial period is a period that exists between each Ice age, and its climate is altered so slowly that animals cannot even…

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  • George Hadley's Single-Cell Atmospheric Global Circulation Model

    Atmospheric Global Circulation is the movement of air caused by solar energy and the interaction of warm and cold air - this convergence forms cells or belts over the Earth’s surface. George Hadley (1685–1768) a British physicist and meteorologist, who first described this theory in 1753, did so using what is known as the Single-Cell Atmospheric Global Circulation Model or Hadley Cell (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, 2007). Hadley’s Single-Cell theory failed to consider the Coriolis…

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  • Abiotic Factors Influencing The Distribution Of Biomes Case Study

    One of the main abiotic factors influencing the distribution of biomes is global atmospheric circulation. Global atmospheric circulation is the mass movement of air around earth caused by thermal energy. This mass movement of air causes three distinct atmospheric circulation cells to form, these are the Hadley Cell, Ferrel Cell and Polar Cell. Between these three cells is a dynamic area called the Intertropical Convergence Zone. Persson (2006) tells us that the Hadley Cell is caused by solar…

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