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  • Chapter 3: The Dangers Of The Cyber World

    They may also perform tests and exposure assessments. • Cracker – Black hat A cracker gains unauthorized access to computer systems for personal gains with unethical intentions, such as stealing corporate data, violate privacy rights, stealing funds, etc. In the recent past, the official website of the government of Maharashtra was hacked on September 20, 2007. The state government took the help of the Cyber Crime Branch to investigate the case. The website contained detailed information about government departments, circulars, reports, and similar other important data. The hackers did not manage to destroy all the information on the website, only the home page was damaged, and the website was restored. 9) Skimming Skimming is a cybercrime where scammers steal your credit / debit card details by fitting a skimmer device to an ATM machine. The device reads and records the card details from the magnetic strip on the card, resulting in misuse and frauds. The information from the strip is ‘skimmed’ to create a fake or cloned card with the stolen details. The personal details and account numbers are used to borrow money or take loans in the victim’s…

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  • Bowen Cragg's Index Of Online Excellence Case Study

    Craggs & Co is a UK based research and consultancy group which is focused solely on online corporate communications - websites, social media and social channels. A very short introduction of what they do is to be found on their website. In short, they review, measure, and advise how to make the websites and social media channels better for businesses and customers. To measure that they developed a Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence which was designed as a guide to the best in internet…

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  • Mission Statement Of Apple Inc.

    have found a way to wedge themselves in the hearts of millions world wide. This is obivious in their mission statement and in their sales, along with their commitment in making technology that people actually want. However, here we will be digging deeper into seeing if their mission statement is clear on the coroprate’s website or not. You may be wondering what their mission statement actually is, which is a great question. Here is what it says: “Founded in 1977, Apple is a technology company…

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  • Joomla Case Study

    Joomla is a content management system (CMS) and popular software for websites and online applications. It is an open source easy to use solution and is freely available to all. With its scalable MVC design pattern it is an ideal base for web applications and used to construct, manage and publish content in blogs, intranets, websites and mobile applications. Joomla hosting has a wide following with over 3 percent of the web and over 9 percent of CMS market share. It boasts of over half a million…

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  • Sit 4 Life Website Analysis

    Introduction I will be reviewing and evaluating the Sit 4 Life website to assist our company with finding a new website design, I would like to include following components by Mike Markel in our new website: 1. Informative headers and footers 2. Easy Navigation using a site map, a table of contents, back-to-top links, and textual navigation buttons 3. Extra features such as FAQ, a search box, resource links, etc. 4. Links to social-media sites 5. Simple backgrounds and conservative color…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Blocking Internet Sites

    more people want to know the truth. That’s the reason why people are interested in celebrities’ scandals. In addition, the fact is that the government can’t block the selected websites completely. Most citizens can connect to the selected internet sites by different ways such as using foreign website connect dots or getting the screenshots by other Chinese who are out of China. For an example, when Hong Kong protest happened in October , my Chinese friends who cared about the current situation,…

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  • Atelier Lemontrend Case Study

    Atelier Lemontrend - web design, illustrations and website improvement from Vienna. Atelier Lemontrend is your full-benefit accomplice for website composition, illustrations, web-based showcasing and site improvement from Vienna. We have practical experience in the necessities of little and medium estimated organizations, new companies and sole proprietors, and also organizations in the counseling, human services and land ventures. Webdesign, illustrations and site design improvement from Vienna…

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  • Internet Censorship Pros And Cons

    Around the world, most countries including China, The United States of America, and the Middle East have online Internet websites censored by types of countless reasons. There is the most obvious question: why do people censor online websites and what is censorship? "Censorship is the process of either removing or editing any type of fictional or nonfictional graphic imagery to anybody, not at a certain of age. This would include television shows (ex. South Park), movies(ex. Pulp Fiction), and…

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  • Product A Web Usability Analysis Of Kiplinger's Business Website

    software, and audio recordings sales. Understanding users needs is not easy, however, the layout of Kiplinger’s website facilities users task by ensuring impressive reaction times, reducing memory load, and makes good on it’s goal to provide timely financial information to all…

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  • Positoriality And Intranet Management

    updates. I was also responsible for managing user permissions and giving access rights when needed. Swanswell’s intranet was run on Microsoft SharePoint 2007. Copywriting and collateral production At Swanswell, I had the opportunity to write and create a number of collateral pieces including, newsletters (print and email), website text and images (sourcing, editing or creating from scratch), blog copy, reports, brochures, leaflets, posters, landing pages, promotional emails and merchandise.…

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