Sit 4 Life Website Analysis

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I will be reviewing and evaluating the Sit 4 Life website to assist our company with finding a new website design, I would like to include following components by Mike Markel in our new website:
1. Informative headers and footers
2. Easy Navigation using a site map, a table of contents, back-to-top links, and textual navigation buttons
3. Extra features such as FAQ, a search box, resource links, etc.
4. Links to social-media sites
5. Simple backgrounds and conservative color combinations
6. Easy to read text that is short, chunks information, and is simply written
7. Clear, informative links
Moreover, I will be sharing my opinion about the website, whether the website contains direct links to product sales, live chat for assistance,
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The website helps us to easily differentiate between different qualities of the chairs by its iconic looks. It is very clear that the website is aiming towards all the age groups of the society. The website targets those consumers who are looking for ergonomic furniture’s. Moreover, I believe that due to high prices this site is targeting corporates and other multinational …show more content…
The title for these informative links are made up of only couple of words or phrases. If we try to click on a picture, a new window with enlarged image and more descriptive information pops out.

Sir 4 life website has a huge list of add-ons beginning from live chat window to the shopping cart. Other useful add-ons includes option of wish list, where we can save an item for future. Moreover it includes a separate link for employment opportunities and online job applications. In each and every image of the product there is an option to add the product to shopping cart or the wish list.

I think sit 4 life website contains all the required components of a well-designed website. Most of the information is provided as top to the bottom range in terms of how important it is. The font colors and background score are effectively balanced for the viewers. Every product is subcategorized on the basis of prizes and quality. Overall, I believe it could serve as a perfect example for our new website

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