The Pros And Cons Of Online Internet Censorship?

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Around the world, most countries including China, The United States of America, and the Middle East have online Internet websites censored by types of countless reasons. There is the most obvious question: why do people censor online websites and what is censorship? "Censorship is the process of either removing or editing any type of fictional or nonfictional graphic imagery to anybody, not at a certain of age. This would include television shows (ex. South Park), movies(ex. Pulp Fiction), and books(ex. The Catcher and the Rye). Some people believe that the Internet is an online gift of freedom of expression (ex. books, movies, or other uses of entertainment)". However, some people that the Internet is meant to inappropriate for not all users(ex. …show more content…
This was the research said: “...they also discussed the way in which women are portrayed in the media, how advertisers target their campaigns to decide how they, the students, should spend their money, the ways in which products are marketed after a blockbuster film to saturate the market and make huge profits, the notion of web TV, the glorification / presentation of violence on TV, film and video games, children 's programs on Television, and many other such issues (Yelland)". The first pro in the article is that women have been misused or abused in the entertainment business (ex. modeling or pornography). One of the first incidents was the Jennifer Lawrence seen naked in her pictures. I believe that is highly offensive in ways I can not say about this, but if the women in America choose to follow that lifestyle, then it shouldn 't be our problem. The first con in the article is that advertisers have been targeted in a campaign how students would spend their money (ex. college funds). If students are targeted for this conspiracy, then I 'm highly shocked and appalled. Just because students are being targeted for a spend money campaign, doesn 't mean we 're being blamed for almost everything. The people who created that website are nothing but online soulless evil corporates who destroy and ruin your life. The last pro is that the Internet gives a vast of entertainment (ex. movies, television shows, and video games) sometimes they 're some profane online technologies that some viewers may find offensive, so instead of trying to censor the bad entertainment you don 't find suitable, the just don 't watch it. The last con is that the Internet isn 't capable of censoring all the websites in the world because there 's still some issues with the technologies and some of the

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