Mission Statement Of Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc. is one of the world’s best known technology organizations out there today. Between their love of innovation and technology that fits into your lifestyle, they have found a way to wedge themselves in the hearts of millions world wide. This is obivious in their mission statement and in their sales, along with their commitment in making technology that people actually want. However, here we will be digging deeper into seeing if their mission statement is clear on the coroprate’s website or not.

You may be wondering what their mission statement actually is, which is a great question. Here is what it says:

“Founded in 1977, Apple is a technology company that is recognized worldwide for its innovative work in Mac personal computers;
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That can be both a good and bad thing for Apple, when you consider different factors. However, we are here to see if their mission statement is echoed on their corporate website or not. We will be breaking down elements from their statement and see if this value is reflected on their site or not.


Apple has made innovation their bloodline and legacy for the company. New ideas is something most technological companies need in order to stay viable. However, not everyone is open to new ideas from employees down the hierarchy. That is something Apple is leading on. On their corporate site, they even have a page on creating new ideas. They make sure that their company is dedicated to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.

This is one topic they break down with a list of partnerships that they have with other organizations, college funding, supporting diversity in their supply chain companies that they buy from, to supporting the movement of more women being in the IT
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This does make their current mission statement come across as outdated, as no meantion of some of their current, hot products on the market. But it is also a failure that this is not expressed elsewhere on their corporate site.


History is not a featured on their site anywhere, other than a list of a recent news/announcements. The site seems to be focused more on the now and the future, than what the history is for the organization.

Closing Thoughts

Apple’s mission statement isn’t very visible on their corporate site. It also appears that it may need to be updated or edited to stay timeless, as it seems that they have dated it with their choice of words. Granted, with the high level of media coverage and fans, that their mission statement fell off their radar. That of course is not good for business, but with then already being almost 40 years old, it is likely not a large issue that they have high on their priority list.

Clearly most businesses should not take cue from Apple on this, how they are missing out on their sharing their purpose with the world. This could turn into a critical mistake, especially if Apple finds themselves in need for more capital investments down the

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