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Joomla is a content management system (CMS) and popular software for websites and online applications. It is an open source easy to use solution and is freely available to all. With its scalable MVC design pattern it is an ideal base for web applications and used to construct, manage and publish content in blogs, intranets, websites and mobile applications. Joomla hosting has a wide following with over 3 percent of the web and over 9 percent of CMS market share. It boasts of over half a million active contributors that are helping many inexperienced developers make their dreams a reality.

What makes Joomla so popular?

Joomla hosting has some exclusive features that has contributed to its being preferred for building a website
• It is an
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It offers lots of extensions and plugins that can add to the functionalities of a website. One can modify or create their own plugins in case they do not find any suitable plugins for their website.
• It is safe and secure and offers a very strong and sturdy architecture suitable in building and maintaining a website.
• Support is available in the form of the tutorials, FAQs, forums and videos. The large community of developers and experts are always around to help with technical assistance if needed.
• Joomla offers support to more than 64 languages giving the websites capability to be accessible to a larger audience
• It offers”one click version update” feature making it easier for users to update the software.
• with its in-app help system it makes it easier for every level of user to operate Joomla
• Media files and folders can be easily uploaded, managed and organized with the media manager tool. Images and other media files can be added to the written content with the Article Editor.
• It comes with an inbuilt WYSIWYG editor that has made editing of content easier for the layman too. it also displays modules to show some of the most popular
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Requirements from a hosting provider:

While selecting a Joomla hosting provider one has to consider a few factors
1. Compare the rates. Avoid companies that offer free hosting services.
2. Check if they offer features required for fine tuning
3. Check for server software compatibility to the latest versions of Joomla. Software required should be the updated versions of Apache, Microsoft IIS, PHP, and MySQL. Look if the php.ini settings are compatible?
4. Does the company provide features like memcache, Varnish, SPDY,HTTP2 technology

Joomla is widely used software and is helping e-commerce portals with some amazing designs and themes. Joomla hosting India companies with highly skilled developers and designers working for them provide excellent web development services and build customized websites making use of the themes plugins and extensions as per the customer’s needs. Joomla hosting providers are moving at an equally fast pace keeping up with the latest online trends. The best way to catch the global eye and be a front liner in the market is by having a strong online web presence and popularity. This is being ensured by all the Joomla development

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