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  • Four Guides To The Death Of A Web Page

    that there is a criterion with four guidelines to follow in order to spot a good website. The four guidelines are: design, readability, navigation, and reliability. The website I have chosen to evaluate is the Elgin Daily Herald. From the moment, the page loaded I instantly knew the criteria for design would not receive a low score for design. The design of a webpage is like a stamp on an envelope, it is sort of a trademark. The design helps the user decided if they want to continue on the website or not. If a user clicks on a webpage that has a boring design, he or she won’t stay no matter how valuable the information is. Elgin Daily Herald is a good example of how not to design a webpage. The first thing that catches your eye are the dull colors, a website should have bright colors that attract users and keeps them coming back. The design of the web page is boring because there are multiple, dull colored boxes scattered everywhere. The background is distracting from the information that the page offers due to the fact the background color…

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  • Comparing The Terms Web Object, Website, And Web Page?

    the terms web object, website, and web page, which of the following answers list a true statement about these terms? (Choose three answers.) A. A website typically contains many web objects. B. A web object typically contains many web pages. C. A web page typically contains many web objects 10. A PC user opens her Internet Explorer web browser, types the www.certskills.com/books web address, and presses Enter. The web browser acting alone cannot send a request for that web address…

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  • HTML And CSS: P1: Cascading Style Sheet

    HTML and CSS – P1 What CSS this? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a language that describes the layout and formatting of any mock-up language for example HTML, XML and XHTML. The majority of web pages these days use CSS to present their data because CSS really brings the web pages to life. Why it should be used? CSS defines how the HTML structure will be presented. Being able to style the HTML elements makes it so that you can present your data in a more readable and…

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  • The Importance Of Communication With Parents Using Technology

    schools create web pages such as Facebook, to have everything to be posted there, like pictures, or classroom information. Sometimes those pages can get out of control and things can go wrong with the parents and even the children. There are many connections that I can say this article has with my life. For example, my parents did not know English and the teachers were aware of that but still they did not manage to send them notes in my home language (Spanish). It was difficult for my parents…

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  • St. Jude Children's Website Analysis

    for a type of job to help or of they are looking to find treatment. The overwhelming amount of information of the homepage is possibly a way to get lost and lose interest in people who visits the site. When on the home page there are many different aspects to look at. There is a little bit of every part of the site on the homepage. This can be a negative thing because it is very easy to get lost trying to look for something. There is a lot going on and to certain people, it could become…

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  • Washingtonpost. Com: The Presentation And Credibility Of An Online Website

    The presentation and credibility of an online website goes a long way on showing whether or not it is reliable for information. There are many different criteria to look for in a reliable website including appearance, organization, and credibility. The website I evaluated for my topic of choice was WashingtonPost.com. The website provides instant news and information of various topics from all over the world in an organized, user-friendly fashion. After browsing the website, I was able to…

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  • Product A Web Usability Analysis Of Kiplinger's Business Website

    The designers have to find the balance between business goals and objectives and usability of their website. An early focus and user-centered approach to development should be the driving force behind a websites development. Based on Cognitive-Affective Design Considerations, Analysis of Task Sets, Examples of Navigational Theories, Types of Page Layout Organization Associated with Page Purpose, Usability Evaluation of the Site, and Nielsen Usability Heuristics. In addition, allow the effective…

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  • The Concept Of Social Media For Business

    worldwide. This business offers products and services to their customers which are computer software’s such as Microsoft office and the Windows operating system. They also offer games consoles such as the Xbox and computers and laptops such as the Surface. The business operates online which means that customers are able to buy their products online, they also sell their products in retail stores such as Argos. Which social media concepts do they use? Microsoft uses many social media concepts…

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  • Meaning And Value Of Web Essay

    many things such as the design, function and content of web pages on which it is displayed. The internet is a remarkable way of displaying information and can make it more valuable than it previously was by making it more widely available and easier to access. The way in which information is displayed on web pages can vastly change the impact it has on the reader and the accessibility of the web page can influence how widely it is used. Simple things such as colour or typeface can dramatically…

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  • The Uses And Functions Of Web Servers

    Web servers A Web server is a specific computer, in which carries servers are where websites are engraved in HTML ( Hyper text mark-up language). The use for a web server is when a user tries to enter a website using a URL address such as www.bing.co.uk. When it works the server will then bring up the website that the user requested. The use of web servers is so that every computer is able to retrieve any web pages, the computer is connected to the server by the internet connection and that…

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