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  • Web Design

    Technology is changing rapidly. Many businesses have started to appreciate the need of using websites to market their products and services. Designing websites is now a major service in the fast moving world of internet business. The number of websites found on the World Wide Web has greatly increased. This is the reason why web design is important to businesses. You will realize that those companies that have invested in web design have ended up being very successful. Web design actually goes a long way in improving the prospects of such businesses via the internet. Web design forms a critical part of the web development process. You have to come up with an attractive, glamorous and easily navigable website so that you can draw more traffic…

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  • Graphic Design Vs Web Design Essay

    procedure. Print design; however, are fundamentally constrained by their physical nature. Enter the Internet, arguably modern society’s supreme technological advancement, with its ability to digitally re-contextualize the written word. The web generated an outburst in production, self-published content, and fresh forms of machine designs. John Allsopp’s prescient quote “The control which designers know in the print medium, and often desire in the web medium, is simply a function of the…

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  • Reflective Websites: Responsive Web Design

    Responsive Web Design With the rapid creation of new and innovative ways for consumers to browse the Internet, delivering a functional yet aesthetically pleasing online experience has become an increasingly difficult task for web developers to do (Lee, et al., 2015). Aspect ratio, pixel density, screen size, and browser type are some of the things that must be taken into account when creating a website or app for the web; and with the release of every new phone, tablet, laptop, television, and…

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  • The Importance Of User Experience Design In Web Design

    User Experience Design (UX) in web design is the way you enhance user satisfaction by raising the bar on usability, accessibility and efficiency of user interaction with the websites. While UI stands for User Interface Design. These two terms are sometimes used incorrectly, however it’s important for one to understand that even though UI plays an important role in UX, user experience(UX) has a much larger scope. This is not to mean that UI isn’t important since a great user experience begins…

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  • Impact Of Color On Marketing And Web Design

    Color Impact in Marketing and Web Design Color is a significant component of visual communication. While impacting our mood, color assists us make a distinction between different elements. All things considered, the impact of color should never undervalued by companies when coming up with modern design solutions, regardless of the goal. When considering web design, color combinations are vital as they would create an impact in the customer’s subconscious. Color attracts, changes moods and…

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  • Technical Communication

    Communication, a seemingly very simple word, however, when put into action can be a lot more complex than what we envision it to be. There are classes, books, and websites dedicated to teaching individuals, the proper way to communicate, in correlation to their relationships to each other. Communication in specific areas like business or the health professions are important to make sure things are done correctly so that we do not have to worry about small misunderstandings that could lead to…

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  • Modes Of Communication Analysis

    One of the most important, if not the most important characteristics of a leader is the ability to communicate well. Without this ability even the most brilliant mind cannot be a leader, because they will never be able to inspire their team to work towards a common goal. Transformation leaders have strong commutation skills and are able to positively influence team outcomes (Boies, Fiset & Gill, 2015). In today’s fast pace world leaders have a variety of ways to communicate. A strong leader…

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  • Self-Analysis: Improving Communication Skills

    Self-Analysis Communication is a skill that I learned at an early age. When growing up, learning proper communication skills is a key to becoming a successful citizen. I have taken the time to go over my self-assessment tests and have had the opportunity for others to express their opinions about my skills. The self-evaluation test has brought to my attention that I have a “Driver” kind of communication style, a “high self monitor” score of 14, and a “compromising” type of management style. My…

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  • Product A Web Usability Analysis Of Kiplinger's Business Website

    The designers have to find the balance between business goals and objectives and usability of their website. An early focus and user-centered approach to development should be the driving force behind a websites development. Based on Cognitive-Affective Design Considerations, Analysis of Task Sets, Examples of Navigational Theories, Types of Page Layout Organization Associated with Page Purpose, Usability Evaluation of the Site, and Nielsen Usability Heuristics. In addition, allow the effective…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship At Data To Insight Center

    During my internship as a web developer at Data to Insight (D2I) center, I did many different types of work from trivial tasks like organizing assets to substantial technology-based project like building a full function website from scratch. I got started my job with simple static websites, and then began to maintain and improve websites built on different Web Content Management Systems, and tried to create brand new websites using CMSs later. Occasionally I also needed to help on some…

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