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  • Primary Colors Film Analysis

    cared for by White doctors, the hospital was forced to hire more black doctors. This may not be the most effective way to enfranchise the Black community, but Long putting in any effort, especially in the time period of the film, is remarkable for a southern politician. Even though Long wanted to help the Black community on a much larger scale with legislation and policies such as a voting rights bill, he recognized that progress is slow. Long acknowledged that if he were to go all in on programs that would cause large scale black enfranchisement he would lose all power and influence he has over governance, so conceding that he still does all he can, including starting a “scandal,” because he truly does care about the issue. Finally, Primary Colors (1998), being the film with the most scandal, controversy, and arguably the most flawed candidate out of the total four, ironically and yet naturally is the film that shows the main character, Jack Stanton, to be the most decent kind of person at times. With the hiring of a new campaign adviser that is the grandson of a great civil rights leader, Stanton right away shows the kind of leadership he wants in the campaign, despite all his shortcomings and flawed behaviors. One of the most poignant scenes in the film that demonstrate Jack Stanton’s deep down decency and compassion for the electorate, despite all of his scandals, is actually one of the very first scenes in the film. Stanton is meeting with a group of adults who are…

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  • Affinity Chromatography Lab Report

    Trypsin is also known to act on itself resulting in both active and inactive forms of trypsin during storage (Sugumaran). In this experiment, affinity chromatography was used to extrapolate the active form of trypsin from the inactive form of trypsin. A column containing P-amino-bezaidine was used to form a bond with the active form of trypsin in the matrix (Sugumaran). Two assays were performed. The first assay was to determine if there was any active trypsin by employing…

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  • The Wonder Of A Women From The Amazon

    Wanna Grow Up”, he stated that the artworks in this series deals with connections in people through personal interest and recollection of childhood memory. I believe that the image of Wonder Woman must be a personal interest and memory of the picture of the little girl on the floor. I also believe that the reason Cain want to depict this image was because he wanted to share the memory of the little girl to us. In this piece there are many colors that are used. The two colors that stand out the…

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  • Judith And Her Maidservant With The Head Of Holofernes Analysis

    2 Dimensional Art The two dimensional art that I observed is called Judith and Her Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes, created between 1623-25. The artist of this painting is Artemisia Gentileschi. This was a large painting that covered over half of the wall. This painting was created by using oil paint. Artists used oil paintings because it dries slowly, the colors are able to blend together, and lastly oil paintings allows the painting to be larger then what it normally would be. The…

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  • The Veil Of Veronica Analysis

    Rome, c.1618/1622 using oil on a panel, Domenico Fetti created the painting The Veil of Veronica. In this painting, the artist uses neutral colors, the primary color red, emphasis and visual texture to convey a sense of realism and suffrage, thus representing the medieval legend of the veil. Seen, in this painting is a dark black background with a wooden post. Hanging from the wooden post is a long, white cloth like fabric. The white cloth like fabric has a texture of folds and fringes. In the…

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  • Lecture Of Brown Analysis

    In the article, of Colors/Brown by Alan Gilbert, has provide me a new perspective toward the colour brown. Before, having contact with the article and the brown lecture, brown is not the usual eye catching colour for me, unlike those primary colours (red, blue, yellow). The brown colour itself is very subtle, its is locate at the shadow of someone’s skin, at the edge of a tree, the siloette during sunset, and so on. On the other hand, the object of brown is hiding in daily life like “soils,…

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  • What Do You Do T. Mbeki Analysis

    shaped more like a square with rough edges. It contains colorful and bright figures ranging from the primary colors red, blue and yellow to secondary colors such as green, purple and orange. The artist uses thick, thin, straight, rough and diagonal lines to allow some features like the clothes on the human figures to stand out. This artwork is made by a combination of figures that together build the story and has a focal point, which is emphasized by the use of a large picture of T Mbeki. Most…

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  • Flight Of The Swan Symbolism Essay

    The symbolism of time and the color of red in the novel represented Madame’s behavior with her Id, Superego, and Ego. Red was signified as an emblem towards Madame’s clothing that portrayed her fierce sexuality. In Flight of the Swan, Ferré stated, “Time had softened her image of Dandre, and his hoodlum ways now didn’t seem so menacing. She had missed his pampering and his attention to detail, which were very different from the undependable embraces of her firebrand lover” (232). The…

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  • Essay On Color Priming

    Colors are everywhere in an individual’s perceptual experience as they are part of our everyday life and are always present. They are seen in objects, the environment, and on people as they enhance the depth of color and influence human behavior. An example of this can be seen when we are selecting food in the supermarket as the use of color influences our choices. If we see something labeled in green we correlate it to be more positive whereas if we see something labeled in red we correlate it…

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  • Color Priming Effect Essay

    Many studies that have been conducted show that different colors have the ability to pass meanings to an individual and also potential to influence individual’s perception through the color priming effect. This usually occurs when exposure to a single color stimulus affect the way individuals respond to other stimuli. This is to say that exposure to a particular color can influence the way we react emotionally either positively or negatively. Numerous attempts have been done for years to…

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