Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety

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  • Importance Of Broader Sources Of Knowledge

    educate next generation so that the next generation of people can live a better life. With the advent of photographic film, the recording process becomes more and more lifelike and vivid. With the rapid development of Internet and digital technology, human society entered the era of information explosion. Although the information explosion poses a series of negative effects, the channels of acquiring knowledge become increasingly abundant. The new media invented in this new era enable people to know more information because the diverse ways of publicizing information and the channels to acquire information turn knowledge more achievable and attractive. The birth of a variety of new media changed this society a lot. In Today 's society, TV programs, the Internet, social media, are constantly spreading a variety of information and knowledge to people. One can easily find the information he interested from various sources, and also express his own point of view through different way. New media provide more sources of information so that people can acquire information in a short period of time. As we know, knowledge and information are both very valuable and powerful. In the past, people acquire knowledge through limited ways. It seems books and schools were the only two ways to get knowledge, which limited the spread of knowledge. But now, knowledge is no longer a privilege of the few. With the emergence of new media, the gap between knowledge and people is narrowed. In the…

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  • Importance Of Emmy Awards

    An Emmy Award recognizes excellence in the television industry. It corresponds to the Grammy Award for music, the Academy Award, or the Oscar for film and the Tony Award for theatre. Winning all four is referred to as the grand slam or “EGOT” coined by actor Philip Michael Thomas who said his acronym originally stood for energy, growth, opportunity and talent. Only 12 people have achieved this. Directly off the Emmy website, The Emmy Awards were conceived in 1948 and its founding fathers…

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  • Lisa Simpson Qualities

    years of life she has pointed out the obvious when others try to ignore the problem. Her intelligence is an enormous advantage in many ways that can be beneficial to command the country. One of the many abilities she has is that she is abel to pick up languages rapidly; This would assist her as a chief diplomat for communicate with foreign leaders. Accordingly if Lisa were to become president of Springfield in the future a lot could be done to upgrade our circumstances. For instance her safe…

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  • Stereotypes In The Simpsons

    To begin, McMahon argument that The Simpsons can “educate on what it teaches” (215) in this episode of The Simpsons “Lisa on Ice” occurs with stereotypes on the show. For, example when the school bullies asked Bart “Nice PJs, Simpson. Did your mommy buy 'em for ya?” (Scully, 1994) and Bart’s response was “Of course she did. Who else would have?” (Scully, 1994) This conforms to the stereotype that mothers do most of the shopping in the house. That consist of buying clothes, food etc. According…

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