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  • Ww1 Primary Source Analysis

    Part 1:Write a short commentary on either primary source extract A or Primary Source extract B. Extract Chosen= A This is a letter detailing the correspondence between the British foreign secretary Sir Edward Grey to the British Ambassador to Austria, Sir M. de Bunsen following a conversation he had on the morning of 23rd July 1914 (Great Britain Foreign Office, 1915). The letter was written when the July Crisis was at its peak and was written five days before the declaration of war from Austria-Hungary to Serbia. The letter is significant as it is written the same day an ultimatum was issued to Serbia by Austria which outlined demands such as taking responsibility for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28th June. This as a historical source is useful to a historian in understanding the British reaction to the July Crisis, its reluctance to war, Britain’s uncertainty of its survival in a European war and it also alludes to the…

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  • Essay On Primary And Secondary Sources

    Primary and secondary sources are both very important pieces of information that have been used to help support history throughout the years. Without our primary and secondary sources we would not have information to base off of. Primary sources are actual artifacts or documents created during a specific time. Some great examples of primary sources are things like journals, diaries, newspapers, speeches and even things like art and music. All these things were created first hand by someone at a…

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  • David Nasaw Primary Sources

    Academic writings are fundamental to expanding and solidifying knowledge and understanding. Axiomatic to the objective nature of the writing is the existence of persuasive source material acting to support the argument put forth. For this purpose, critical evaluation of sources should be meticulously undertaken so as to ensure a strong and competent argument has been assembled. The sources themselves can take on many different forms depending on the discipline being examined and written in,…

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  • Primary And Secondary Sources In Nursing Research Essay

    research there are primary sources as well as secondary sources. Both primary and secondary resources are vital to a good literature review. There are different types of primary and secondary sources that a nurse might use when preparing for a research project. Primary and Secondary Resources A primary source is “original information presented by the person or people responsible for creating it” (Schmidt &Brown, 2012). Primary sources always offer full references to others’ work cited…

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  • Primary Source Critique

    A Primary Source Critique Paper The research problem that I have chosen in Unit 1 was pressure ulcers. This problem needs to be researched in order to properly address such problems in nursing home settings and to be able to find ways to at least prevent if not solve the problem is not only promoting positive patient care outcomes, but also increasing the quality of care of the nursing home facilities. As nurses, we are encouraged to apply evidence-based practice in our profession. In finding…

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  • Primary Source Analysis

    This primary source analysis is based upon the opinion of Judge Leon M. Bazile in a motion which was brought forth by Mildred and Richard Loving in 1965. The case was eventually appealed to the Supreme Court which fostered the landmark ruling of Loving v Virginia in 1967. The following will examine this source’s means of creation, how it came into being and its purpose for existing. This paper will then analyse the evidence behind the legal judgement, the tones accentuated in it and how…

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  • Primary Sources Of Law Essay

    There are two sources of law in the United States, primary and secondary. Primary sources consist of both Federal and State Constitutions, Federal and State statutes, administrative rules, case laws. Primary sources of law are defined as “the sources that provide the actual law” (pg. 588). Another source of the law are secondary sources. Secondary sources consist of legal dictionaries, legal encyclopedias, legal forms books, periodicals, digests, treatises, and citators. Secondary sources are…

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  • Dry Needling And Compartment Syndrome Case Study

    credible sources due to them completing that same university course achieving a licenses for Physiotherapy. Multiple interviews will also be conducted in person and via email with people from my hockey club such as players within A and C grade player category who have undertaken this procedure, to test if dry needling was effective in alleviating compartment syndrome. These patients have been chosen to be interviewed because they have had first person experiences, these results will be complied…

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  • Difference Between Historian And International Relations Scholars

    the past as a force that generates the questions and theories of both parties. On the other hand, there lies a difference in the way that the historian would place more emphasis on recounting history and international events for their own sake. The IR scholars would contrastingly use historical events as ways to additionally supporting or discrediting a theoretical hypothesis they have proposed. In this way, their differences in methodology and objectives can be highlighted. The historian would…

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  • Reflective Essay 'The Side You Don T See'

    what they thought about my topic to get a general idea of whether the majority of the public would agree with my argument or not (the answer was yes). After that I wrote my first SWA for this MWA which centered around only my supporting arguments. I then took this paper and improved it into my MWA by strengthening the points I had already stated and then writing down counterarguments and refuting them. I attempted to use as many primary sources as I could to give my paper a strong backbone when…

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