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  • Primary And Secondary Sources In Nursing Research Essay

    Resources A primary source is “original information presented by the person or people responsible for creating it” (Schmidt &Brown, 2012). Primary sources always offer full references to others’ work cited information contained in the paper. Examples of primary sources for the purpose of research include journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, and journal articles. “Secondary sources are the resulting commentaries, summaries, reviews, or interpretations of primary sources” (Schmidt &Brown, 2012). Secondary sources are written following the primary sources report. Secondary sources are more often than not written by someone that is not part of the original work and/or event. Secondary sources can offer original insights or historical perspectives that were not offered in the primary source. Examples of secondary sources include general magazines, systematic reviews, biographies, and textbooks. Citing work from another writer does not happen…

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  • The Differences And Implications Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

    When writing a paper for any class a writer would take in their life they will encounter having to do research. Finding information for a topic is not as simple as searching a topic and finding the easiest available. There is a level of complexity to finding appropriate and reliable sources that will be accepted by any professor. Primary sources, although are sometimes harder to find, are a great place to get information because of the simple fact that they are guaranteed to be reliable and…

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  • The Importance Of Interest In The Academic Library

    In the academic library that I chose to examine, finding the reference desk is no easy task for the unfamiliar patron. With three major entrances and six floors to navigate, this library is an epitome of what most libraries would strive to have: boundless space for patrons and a vast, growing collection. The patron, however, could easily take one glance at this gargantuan building and easily become overwhelmed, despite the services that this one building contains, such as being combined with…

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  • David Nasaw Primary Sources

    The primary source examined here within is Mrs. Mary Mauro, 309 E. 110th St., 2nd floor. Family work on feathers”. A great deal of information about the Mauro family, and how such families were depicted during this time, is seen in this photograph and its’ caption. The photo caption notes “all work except the two boys against the wall” , examination of the two figures shows an older brother cradling a sleeping child, most likely his younger brother, and not two boys avoiding work. Additional…

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  • Importance Of Library As A Library

    Library has always been a magical place to me since I was five years old, and it played a compelling role in my childhood development. How librarians know where to find what information from the temple of mystery was amazing to me at that time, and I get to understand comprehensively of library’s vital value to people and community when I studied in universities and visited libraries around the world, especially after few years’ involvement in library as a volunteer. A library is a place where…

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  • The Importance Of The Nutrition Program

    made. As I browsed Simmons’ library and information science classes, my excitement bubbled: history of the book, cataloging, book publishing and librarianship, metadata, visual communication. This is what I’ve been searching for! Jenna Freedman, Associate Director of Communications and Zine Librarian at Barnard College Library, is quoted by Marilyn Johnson in This…

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  • Essay On The Relationship Between Students And Library

    Importance of a stronger relationship between students and library A college library is one of the most important assets students will need to succeed academically. With library support, students have access to good resources to complete the assignments given to them. The books in college and university libraries are divided by subject, using the Library of Congress system, therefore, it does not matter if a student transferred from a community college to a university, they will be able to find…

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  • Public Library Career Analysis

    This month I celebrate a 9-year anniversary working in a public library setting. When I started my library career in 2006, it was only a part-time job for me. I worked various second jobs in tandem with my page position at a small branch of a public library system while attending the University of Tennessee. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts with a major in psychology from UT in 2009, and decided ultimately, that I wanted to pursue full-time employment with the Knox County Public Library (KCPL).…

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  • Judith Tipton Library

    seating structure. She sits up and looks around seeing almost no students on the row of computers against the wall to the left of her. The Billington Library is nearly silent this early aside from the hum and clicks of computers, the occasional printer making a hushing noise as…

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  • Special Library Mission Statement

    narrowly based than public and school libraries, special libraries limit their scope of expertise to serve particular requests of their clients. “The special library offers information access and specialized custom service to ensure rapid delivery of information to meet customers’ unique information needs” (82). Special libraries can be found in any number of places such as corporate, law, or medical offices, as well as in museums, news rooms, and in non-profits, and it is a small non-profit…

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