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  • The Functions Of Board Of Directors Of China Primary Energy Holding Limited

    directors of China Primary Energy Holding Limited in terms of the communication and other forms of engagement with shareholders. The following passage will discuss the topic above in three main areas that are the degree of compliance with Hong Kong GEM Corporate Governance codes, the impact of ownership structure on company’s performance and the effectiveness of communication with shareholders. BACKGROUND INFORMATION China Primary Energy Holding Limited (China Primary) is an investment holding company, engaging in the manufacture and sale of polyethylene (PE) pipes as well as trading of composite materials. It is listed on Growth Enterprise Market of the…

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  • Solar Power: End Of The Twenty-First Century

    Block 3 15 May 2015 Solar Power As of the end of the past century, and now the beginning of the current century, the primary energy sources being used have been harmful to our environment, and are nonrenewable. These energy sources are not going to be on earth forever, so it would be beneficial to mankind to find a new primary source of energy to replace the old ones. Solar power is one of the most abundant energy sources we have on Earth, and each year it is becoming more and more popular. With…

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  • What Role Does The Force Play In The Energy Movement

    you do in this planet is done by using energy? In fact, you are using energy right now. Energy is the capability of producing work. Energy makes a change in an object. Force plays a role in deciding whether an object has done work or not (“Work and energy”, 2015). If the object moves towards the direction of the force, the work done is positive (“Work and energy”, 2015). If the object moves away from the force, the work being done is negative (“Work and energy”, 2015). An important aspect of…

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  • Explain The Adiabatic Reaction Temperature Of Pyro-Oxidation Zone

    In this model no any chemical reaction is considered.(Barba et al.) modelled gasification by considering it to occur in two steps, in the first of which the biomass is decomposed at high temperature to give primary gas and carbonaceous residue and in the second there is modification in primary gas due to water gas shift reaction and steam reforming reaction. The total Gibbs free energy of a system is a function of Gibbs free energy of each of the components. For minimizing the Gibbs free energy,…

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  • Conditions And Effects Of Laserer Power And B Content On 3DQCN Microstructure

    Investigating feasible formation conditions and effects of laser power and B content on ultrafine 3DQCN microstructure. 5.1.1. Research questions generation In the TMCs manufacturing, fabrication energy and reinforcement content are two significant input variables [1,9,11], which are related to laser power and B content in laser deposition. Based on the preliminary results (Figure 6 in §4.5), laser deposition with low level of laser power could fabricate the 3D TMC parts, however, the 3DQCN…

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  • Thermos Lab Report

    8) Empty cups, cool temperature probes in cold water until it reaches room temperature. 9) Repeat steps 1-8 for second trial. Our thermos was constructed with materials that minimizes energy loss by conduction, convection and radiation to the greatest degree. We created the thermos with multiple layers, starting with the two polystyrene cups in the centre, which were wrapped in bubble wrap and taped. A polystyrene lid was also cut out and placed on top of the inner polystyrene cup. Each layer…

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  • Heat Conduction Theory

    Heat conduction mechanism represents the energy loss at the particle surface due to the collisions with the surrounding gas molecules. There is no simple theory to explain the cooling mechanism of the particles. During the laser pulse, the particle achieves the peak temperature and emit thermal signal. After the laser pulse duration, the particle starts to cool down. The cooling of the particles is characterized by a decay function. The decay of LII signal provides information about the primary…

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  • Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Case Study

    lead-derived materials, this type of battery is often called a lead acid battery. ADVANTAGES: Why to use Deep-cycle Lead-acid batteries: Cost: They initially cost more than primary batteries but have a lower cost of ownership since they can be recharged inexpensively, many times before replacement. Environmentally friendly: for the same reasons mentioned above Reliability: It is the oldest type of battery, therefore, it has a history of reliability. Very low energy-to-weight ratio and low…

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  • Quantitative Analysis Of Auger Electron Spectroscopy

    Critical assessment of the article: Quantitative analysis by Auger Electron Spectroscopy 1 Introduction When the outer electron fills the vacancy left by an ionized electron in the inner shell, the released energy can be passed to another outer electron that causes further emitting of an electron with characteristic energy, this is the basic principle of the Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) [1]. Nowadays, AES is almost an indispensable tool in nanoscience research for its high surface…

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  • Energy Expenditure Lab Report

    LAB REPORT 1 MEASURING ENERGY EXPENDITURE USING CYCLE ERGOMETER 10/13/2015 SHEETAL PARMAR TY2 INTRODUCTION Physical activity is defined as movement of body, which is produced by the skeletal muscles of the body which results in energy expenditure. There are several numbers of techniques for the assessment of physical activity related energy expend, the most valid technique to estimate this value at the definition of the physical activity is indirect calorimetry (Westerterp, 2013).…

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