Primary health care

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  • Primary Health Care

    Primary healthcare is the healthcare provision process carried on every day with the intention of maintaining and restoring the aspired health status in community. For most people in the world, primary healthcare is usually the first contact there have with health facilities and professions. It is also the most frequent means of healthcare provision that they are exposed to. Therefore, primary healthcare can be defined as the most available healthcare facilities in the community. The aim of primary healthcare is to make routes to healthcare accessible to everyone and especially ordinary citizens of a nation. Ordinary people involve those of low and middle incomes. Theses group of people cannot afford to go for more specialized healthcares or…

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  • Primary Health Care Principles

    Primary health care principles aims at promoting health equities, social justice and person-centred approach to care (Gargioni and Raviglione, 2009). The social determinants of health are circumstances that where people born, live, grow, age and work had an impact on their life expectancy and health outcomes (Gupta, 2004).This is reflected in Mrs Samira Azizi, a 56 year old with an Afghan cultural background living in the community that require a nursing care, particularly post-operative…

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  • Public Health Vs Primary Care

    the public health and that of the primary care often understood to be two entities, which provides complimentary services within the care sector. Their purpose is to address health matters that are very common in communities. However, public health deals with prevention of diseases, promote a healthy life- style by prolonging life. This is achievable through activities encompassing all organized effort, which will protect, promote and improve the health of the individual in a certain group or…

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  • The Cause And Effects Of Postpartum Depression (PPD)

    Postpartum depression (PPD) is defined as a mood disorder and a serious mental health concern that affects many women immediately or shortly after the birth of a child (NIMH, 2016). There is no single event or cause that brings on the effects of this depression. The mother has no influence over the introduction of this condition. With every woman having a different chemical structure, symptoms may appear or present differently. It affects 10-15% of new mothers but many of them remain…

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  • Anxiety Disorders Case Study Sample

    depressed and nondepressed patient participants, all of whom are diagnosed with anxiety disorders (other than specific phobia or public speaking phobia). N patients (%) are diagnosed with comorbid major depression. Of the N couples, there are N male patients (%) and N female patients (%). Participants were recruited from the general community and various local therapy centers in the area. They were screened for anxiety disorders using the Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for DSM-IV (ADIS;…

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  • UNE COM Case Study

    contact you have had with UNE COM students, alumni, faculty or clinicians, admissions counselors, student affairs staff, etc. How did these interactions influence your decision to apply? As a student athlete, there have been numerous experiences where I have faced an entirely new roster of teammates. In certain instances, this has caused a lack of fluidity and success. As a future medical student, I tend to view campuses in terms of a new team. While learning more about University of New…

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  • Indigenous Health Care System

    faced by the modern health professionals in understanding the complexities of providing culturally competent Aboriginal health, physiotherapy and rehabilitation care within the Australian primary health care system. Non-Indigenous health care professionals cannot truly understand the true complexity of the past impacts of colonialism, the political process and the community’s prejudice effects on the Indigenous health status. This report intends to inspire health care professionals to understand…

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  • Critical Review Example

    subject when discussing the subject. Primary sources are used in the study, to support the actual events and finding. The study’s framework was more of a practical framework. The study was not informed by previous theories to develop the current theory, however, it is an accumulation of practice knowledge from previous research finding, “Researchers have also reported that stigma related to the above conditions negatively affects patient disclosure on the severity of symptoms” (Abrahamson,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Military Soldier

    Medical Center, a hospital where families of military service members frequented. This hospital was the only main facility that provided critical health care to thousands of service members stationed in various locations in the Middle East before they returned back to the United States. I volunteered on the Medical Surgical floor, which focused on providing care to patients in critical condition or dealing with post surgery pain. One instrumental event that led to my decision to become a…

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  • Professional Roles In Nursing

    Nurses are an essential part of the healthcare team. For years their roles have seem to go unnoticed to some and their impact on health insignificant. Despite the challenges through research and education, they continue to make their mark in society. The report composed by the institute of medicine addressed the need for nurses to be prepared and become more actively involved in the healthcare system for the future. It addressed a few integral areas that need to be adjusted in order to make the…

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