Difference Between Public Health And Primary Care

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The two concepts of both the public health and that of the primary care often understood to be two entities, which provides complimentary services within the care sector. Their purpose is to address health matters that are very common in communities. However, public health deals with prevention of diseases, promote a healthy life- style by prolonging life. This is achievable through activities encompassing all organized effort, which will protect, promote and improve the health of the individual in a certain group or population. On the other hand, the primary care system is the first point of entry into the health care (Scutchfield and Keck, 2003). Their sole goal is to respond to the provision and delivery of first person contact, longitudinal, person-centered as well as comprehensive and coordinated care ( European public health reviews). Inasmuch, research shows and confirms that, the public health and the primary care are often conceptualized, yet there is some form of emerging …show more content…
Some of which include: competition in each priority as well as the mandate in both sectors, also differences in targets such as individuals versus populations, also the approach used in the cultural dominance of the curative become another factor that affects the links between them (ncbi.nim.gov). Moreover, expectations from the public which promotes investments in a more specialized curative services at the expense of a more basic preventive services also count as a challenge to the communication according to Kaiser commonwealth health insurance survey. Having said all that, a recent trend has also seen that, public health practitioners have moved from a generalist approach to a more specialist approach with the aim of focusing on specific diseases, determinants and or types of activities, whereas hospitals and its providers have also adopted a more specialized approach to be in conflict with the main role of primary

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