UNE COM Case Study

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Describe your particular interest in attending UNE COM and any contact you have had with UNE COM students, alumni, faculty or clinicians, admissions counselors, student affairs staff, etc. How did these interactions influence your decision to apply?

As a student athlete, there have been numerous experiences where I have faced an entirely new roster of teammates. In certain instances, this has caused a lack of fluidity and success. As a future medical student, I tend to view campuses in terms of a new team. While learning more about University of New England College of Medicine, I immediately felt a sense of community, as well as companionship between students, faculty, and surrounding area. In pursuit of upholding the college’s mission, there is a steadfast goal to serve the community, and create primary care physicians prepared to make an impact for every patient they encounter.
To gain further insight to the community and atmosphere created by the University of New England, I
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I encountered situations ranging from a bloody nose to an unconscious guest. While each situation has a basic procedure we follow, the case at hand must be uniquely evaluated. One incident I faced required a treatment strategy for an unconscious guest plus the factor of a seizure. A younger woman passed out waiting in line for a slide and collapsed to the ground. While unconscious, I assessed her breathing and pulse. During my assessment, her mother explained she is prone to seizures. Knowing this fact, along with her state of unconsciousness, I rested her head on a tube to prevent possible injury. Within minutes, the woman went into a seizure and luckily emergency medical service arrived on the scene to take over. Like all incidents at the waterpark, these incidents required a holistic understanding of how each guest is unique and all factors, from heath to mental condition, play an important factor in our treatment

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