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  • The Impact Of The Iom Report On Nursing Education

    In 2010 the Institute of Medicine published a report called The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. It discusses how nurses can make changes to create a greater role in America’s healthcare system. It encourages nurses to become more educated and to take on leadership roles. It also talks about nurses working in partnership with physicians and other highly trained healthcare professionals. Therefore, nurses should study this report and see what kind of changes they can make in…

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  • The Value Of Health Care

    Health care is an effort made by the government to cover well-being of their citizens. Canada and United States have take this decision to provide health care to improve well being of their citizens. In my opinion the economic system about health care in United States provide by the government is the specific point that we can improve to contribute to well-being of Americans. As result, my research on United States and Canada policies on health care and economic system, I could argue that…

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  • Williamsport Regional Medical Center Case Study

    Regional Medical Center is still standing and is 125 years old. The Williamsport Regional Medical Center is a not-for-profit hospital. According to the PA Department of Health, the hospital has 224 beds with 220 staffed beds, it has an occupancy rate of 59.9% and an average length of stay of 4.23 days (p. 4). According to the Health-Associated Infections in Pennsylvania report (2014), the Williamsport Regional Medical Center has a nosocomial infection rate of 2.41% (p. 41). The hospital has an…

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  • World Health Prosperity

    Medicine (IOM) in 1972 with the consent and responsibility of training every workforce in the health category required in the country. It had developed 12 university grounds within the first decade all over the country. The objectives of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) included production of human resources for health services, using its health institutions to provide health services, and conduct research in health sciences. The World Prosperity Organization is a global reform movement for…

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  • Structural-Functionalist Perspective On The Cost Of Health Care

    roof over their head or obtaining the medical services they desperately need. This is true of both medical and mental health services. Due to the fact hospitals are required to provide care, regardless of whether or not a person has insurance, many lower and middle income families utilize the emergency room for basic healthcare, as opposed to a primary care physician or urgent care. For those who have insurance, many illnesses occur later in the evening or on…

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  • The Tuskegee Syphilis Study: Ethical Implications

    Medical and scientific research have been the cornerstones of innovation and discovery for centuries. The development of anesthesia, surgical techniques, and the basic flu vaccination were conceived through decades of experimentation and research. There are always ethical implications concerning research, especially when involving human subjects. Though in our current time there are legal regulations enforced to ensure that trials are being conducted ethically, this was not always the case; the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey With Public Health

    My journey with Public Health started with a bad luck: when I was small, I often got sick. Every such time, my mother took me to the city hospital, which was three kilometers far from my house. I still remember we wriggled through a horde of patients and their relatives in the lobby and waited for hours just for a quick check-up. By that time, I used to ask my mom why we would not go to the Community Health Station (CHS) – a primary healthcare facility – located just a few steps from my house?…

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  • C-T-E Model In Nursing

    DeSanto-Madeya, 2013). The use of C-T-E system in the field of nursing practice involves a tremendous level of critical creativity, clinical decision making, implication of proper psychomotor capabilities, ethnically sensitive personal dealings, and nursing care, therefore the uses of the C-T-E system based practice is pertinent to the doctoral prepared nurse practitioner (Fawcett & DeSanto-Madeya, 2013). According to Fawcett and DeSanto-Madeya (2013) the C-T-E system based practice assists…

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  • Essay On Why I Want To Become A Doctor

    village in the southern part of India has given me a real life view of a community with significant health care needs but limited health care resources. I can still vividly remember the seven year old me rushing down to the hospital with great fear and anxiety to see my grandma, who just had a heart attack. Sitting nervously at her bedside, I watched her slowly die due to lack of proper medical care. As time went on, I lost my grandpa to diabetes, a cousin to tuberculosis, a dear friend to…

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  • Health Care Marketing Plan

    Plan Today’s health care market place presents many challenges. Therefore, having a marketing plan is an essential element in any businesses long-term success. The marketing plan helps to shape the needs and objectives of the company while establishing a brand. The marketing plan should be a well-written statement of goals and strategies that outline the organizations focus (Kash & Deshmukh, 2013). Despite the vast differences in demographics, values and generational needs, health care…

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