Summary Of Primary Care Training

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In the article, “Primary Care Training and the Evolving Healthcare System”, Lauren A. Peccoralo, Kathryn Callhan, Rachel Stark, and Linda V. DeCherrie look into the impact of the Affordable Care Act towards primary-care practice, as well as explore the various programs created to influence the recruitment of medical students into the primary-care sector. The article also provides recommended preparations in training to improve the practice of primary-care professionals to efficiently deliver health care services.
With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, primary care has expanded, and the professionals in this sector are needed more than ever. According to this article, “a survey of 1200 medical students demonstrated that only 2%
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The statistical evidence greatly supported their research on this topic, and the article was very organized with each subheading specifically explained and backed up with evidence. A major topic explained throughout the whole article is the damage done if the primary-care workforce is not stabilized. Obviously, this is a huge issue, as present primary doctors will soon have to retire and there won’t be enough replacements to fulfill their …show more content…
I thought the authors clearly points out that there is a big problem going on in healthcare in regards to the imbalance of primary doctors and specialists, and this issue will hurt us in the near future if medical schools don’t act fast in encouraging medical students to pursue primary-care through the various methods listed in the article. The training programs for primary-care trainees also seem very reasonable, and would greatly help in providing a much more systematic delivery of care. Overall, I enjoyed reading this article and it answered many of my questions on the topic of primary-care

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