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  • Spear Phishing Attacks

    The digital revolution, which started in the 1950s, has introduced us as to the cyber world. Thanks to the Internet and wireless technologies, the information-sharing has revolutionized the world, made significant enhancements in science, engineering, and medicine; created a large number of billionaires and has a tremendous impact on our daily life. It also rendered the physical boundaries between the countries less significant because most of the mankind is now very well-connected and interacts through the Internet on a regular basis. Despite of all the glorious advantages and the fantastic wonders of the cyber age, nations have to deal with the serious threats of cyberwarfare. Since 1998, Internet usage has been prevalent, which has opened the door to many more cyber-related capabilities, attacks, tools and technologies. There is no denying the fact that cyberattacks and cyberweapons are real, dangerous, and can potentially destroy a region, city or an entire nation. In the late 1990s, Hotmail was introduced as one of the first Web-based email services, followed by the Yahoo mail. Unlike businesses who had their own messaging servers, individuals found it easy to use Web-based emails. With the introduction of Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) standard, the public at large was able to send and receive file attachments with an email message. The functionalities in emails, such as hyperlinks and email attachments, proved to be a mecca for cybercriminals because it…

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  • Deep Web And Dark Web

    Deep web is a term that is used to refer to all web pages that cannot be found using the search engines (Chen, 2012). So deep web includes user’s databases, dark web, pages behind pay walls and webmail pages. There are vast numbers of pages such as these ones that exist mainly for everyday reasons. Unlike what the news sites report the actual dark web accounts for less than 0.01 percent of the web and the deep web accounts for 90 percent of the web (Bocij, 2013). Dark internet is another term…

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  • Monopolies During The Gilded Age Essay

    its browser, rather than that of Netscape. (Microsoft’s Illegal Monopoly). In preventing manufacturers from using other browsers, Microsoft cut consumer’s options and so “[insulated] Windows from competitive challenge” (Microsoft’s Illegal Monopoly). Microsoft was doing exactly what Standard Oil did -- by having so much control over operating systems, Microsoft prevented other technology companies from implementing their own browsers and drove them out. 16 years later, Microsoft has found…

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  • The Influence Of Texting And Mass Communication

    on almost any topic (119-20). Without the advances in internet, we would not be able to obtain news at high speeds and complete many other tasks that are done on a daily basis. The internet has evolved from what it used to be. Before the twenty first century, there were internet cafés. In a blog by Melanie Pinola, she discusses what internet cafés are and why they are used. Internet cafés were places that supplied computers and internet access for a fee, that was paid on a timely scale. Few…

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  • Why Is Personal Data Privacy Important?

    and searches will prevent any one site from retaining too much personal data. Corresponding via unencrypted e-mails is a potentially dangerous move. Not only will the recipient receive the e-mail, but many entities may also be reading the e-mail along the way. An unencrypted e-mail message can be seen and read by anyone while in transit, to include an employer, the administrators of the e-mail server, and also the internet service provider and other parties sniffing the traffic of that…

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