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  • Humorous Wedding Tips For A Loveful Wedding

    definitely over the moon. In fact, you can't stop staring at that beautiful diamond ring on your finger and have already shared the good news with all your family and friends. In the middle of everything, however, you have your fears. What are you going to do? Where are you going to start? How should you go about the wedding planning process? Now you know why a lot of girls turn into bridezillas before they even know it but you certainly don't want to be one. You want to embrace this time in your life and just cherish every step leading…

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  • Wedding Vs American Wedding

    to any wedding or your own wedding? Every girl wants to have a fantasy wedding since her childhood, but it still has several ceremonies that people should be following. The traditional ceremonies make the wedding to be busy, solemn, emotional, and feel holy. People believe that following these ceremonies, a new couple’s life will be happier. Not only do different countries have unique customs, cultures, and traditional to respect, but different countries also have some similar traditions that…

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  • Vietnamese Wedding

    The Truth behind Vietnamese Wedding Within the four mythical creatures in the Chinese beliefs, the Dragon and the Phoenix are the two most powerful and auspicious. Chinese people group these two creatures together as the symbol of good fortunes and the ultimate virtue in treating others (“The dragon”). This belief spread throughout East Asia and have made it a part of the culture. It is very common to see these two mythical creatures at the wedding ceremony and reception, because they…

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  • Descriptive Wedding

    stone or grew up from the yard that was in shades of bright pink and apple green. It did not occur to me right away what I was doing there as I scanned up and down the assembly of well dressed people sitting in folding chairs, since the church did not have pews. At the entrance before entering the church stood a woman in a wedding dress. Although she did not make eye contact with me the pastor and guests repeatedly gave me looks which made me fully realize that this was my wedding. A spear…

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  • The Importance Of Weddings

    In this rapidly changing world, where one is as likely to learn of a couple 's engagement via E-mail as through an engraved announcement card (I can see Miss Manners rolling her eyes now), and where second -- and even third -- marriages are commonplace, only the most nimble-minded and au courant can keep up with the rules of the wedding game. Which is part of the reason my job is so challenging: as an editor of, Town & Country 's eighteen-month-old wedding-planning Web site, I…

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  • A Humorous Wedding

    Wedding desires will be a fun filled occasion. It’s a time to spend all your memories on a single place. Apart from marriage, many things will go all over the relations. It’s not just only about the engagement of two hearts. Wedding praises some in-distributed blessings and memories of the time and for life long. At that wedding, Party’s are the most emerging one for people who are attending. Including various things like snacks, dinner, cool drinks, Hot drinks, Hard drinks and so on. Those…

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  • African American Wedding

    The weddings in my culture are very traditional. The jumping the broom has become one of the most popular African American traditions of a wedding. The original purpose was lost over the years, because of the association with slavery. During slavery, we were not allowed to practice, our traditional rituals of our past. After getting married, the bride and groom jumps over the broom which symbolizes the entrance of a new life and their creation of a new family. This shows the respect of a couple…

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  • Wedding Planning: The Role Of A Modern Wedding Planner

    Modern Wedding Planning A wedding planner’s most important duty is to satisfy the needs of the couple who is engaged to be married. Thus, the task of a wedding planner will change for each project, because each wedding is unique. Yet, there are certain duties that wedding planners are expected to perform, that remain constant throughout each project, in order for them to be successful. These duties include hiring and communicating with vendors, reviewing the couple’s budget, helping to choose…

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  • Pre Wedding Essay

    Abstract: The Wedding has always been a celebration occasion in an Indian culture. From the day a kid is born, parents save every penny, especially for his or her wedding In short, couples and families, are more than ever ready to spend lakhs of rupees for the wedding photography and wish to frame their memories. Pre wedding shoots is a fairly new trend originating from Asia.Pre-wedding photography is a growing trend where engaged couples decide to have professional photos taken in a special…

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  • Wedding Ethnographic Analysis

    Weddings are the most wonderful day of someone’s life; it is a ceremony in which two people are united through marriage. Weddings are ceremonies that can be completely customizable, but also have a pattern that they tend to follow. A wedding can be analyzed through the speaking model of ethnography. One of the important parts of the speaking model is conducting interviews of the people involved in the event. In this case married couples, wedding party members, and wedding guests were…

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