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  • Victorian Wedding Dress Essay

    How has women’s clothes represented their role in the Victorian society? While contemporary weddings are often a symbol of love and commitment between the bride and the groom, for the history of the past, love actually played a very minor role in the majority of matrimonies that took place. In the Victorian era, marriage was not as romanticized or fairy tale-like as depicted in many novels of the time, it were seen as two families joining together forming a business deal in a beneficial arrangement or alliance. Great expectations were placed upon weddings, the wedding dress was crucial in representing the bride’s family, in terms of wealth and social status. Due to my interest in the Victorian clothing, I took a trip to the Exeter’s Royal…

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  • The Contradictions Of Marriage In Western Culture

    a reception, the exchange of rings and, of course, the white dress. While the union of a couple is meant to highlight the love and commitment between the pair, the concept of marriage – and the wedding that inevitably comes with – has become perverse in the capitalistic economy. Brides are offered a copious amount of options…

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  • Ever Changing Dating Essay

    We had to find a photographer, DJ, caterer, pastor and figure out where exactly to get married. My grandmother later expressed to us that she would love it if we had our wedding ceremony at her house in the backyard and we agreed. My grandmother means the world to me so it was a pleasure to grant her wish. We decided to rent a huge tent, arch, tables and chairs. Now it was time to find and purchase my wedding dress. I visited lots of stores and tried on many wedding dresses. Finding a dress was…

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  • David's Bridal Case Study

    the case is David’s Bridal (DB), a specialized wedding attire retailer. The focal product is affordable wedding attire and accessories ranging in price from $99 to $1,500. Included in the term “affordable wedding attire and accessories” are bridal gowns, headpieces, veils, and other gown accessories. The target market is brides-to-be who are in the market for wedding and/or bridesmaids dresses and accessories. The market currently consists of Generation X (who valued tradition and consistency),…

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  • Argumentative Essay On White Wedding

    White Weddings A few years ago, my brother and his girlfriend of six or seven years decided to get married, it took that long because they always seperated and got back together over and over again. The wedding wasn’t really all that big, it was basically just some family in the basement of a church. My brother was wearing a black suit, but his girlfriend was wearing a long white dress. Nobody else at a wedding wears white, so why does the bride have to? What does the color white represent at a…

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  • Wedding Lehnga Case Study

    Wedding Lehnga and Sarees designer lehengas:-The brides are dressed up in auspicious colours which are made to order by famous designers and stylist. sarees are worn as a traditional wear in indian weddings, it is also worn by the older women in society at all times. Wedding Lehnga and Sarees Heavy Bridal Suits:-They are thousands of heavy bridal suits available in the market nowadays which represents the richness of the garment and the mood of the brides. These suits can also be bought from…

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  • The Importance Of Planning A Wedding

    years ahead. There is so much that goes into planning a wedding and not very many people realize it until it’s their time to walk down the aisle. Planning ahead is crucial when planning a wedding. Some would disagree with this and think a wedding could be planned the month before. If someone is planning on going all out with a huge wedding, they need to give themselves plenty of time to figure things out. Planning a wedding is already stressful and running out of time will just make matters…

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  • Michael's Bridal Shop: A Short Story

    And they are so large. You will not only have a necklace and earrings, you will have a diamond or two left over to save for your child.” “That’s why I want a dress with a V neck. I can wear it pinned at the top of the V. Won’t that be striking?” “Magnificent is more like it,” said Lacy. “Wow. It’s stunning.” “Lacy, I want to spend as little as I can on my wedding. I know Dad was not expecting a wedding right now, and with the cost of mother’s funeral . . . well.” “Remember he is saving your…

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  • James Bond Weddings

    The perfect James Bond Theme Wedding Weddings that have a central theme are becoming more popular in recent trends. One such wedding theme that has gained a lot of buzz and attention is the James Bond themed weddings. James Bond is a very influential fictional character that is known for his debonair smile and suave attitude. Brides and grooms alike will be able to enjoy a wedding that has been inspired by the 007 movie universe—full of intrigue and mystery. Below is a guide that includes…

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  • Essay On Dream Weddings

    grandma at the party after the wedding. Both smile and continue to play never knowing what their future holds but both deserve to have the wedding of their dreams. The joyous occasion of a weddings can be heard around the world, it has forever been a significant part of people’s lives so much, so it is deemed as a significant celebration for many people. Throughout history and in some places still, it’s rare that true love is the sole reason for getting married. The arranged marriage enabled…

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