Humorous Wedding Tips For A Loveful Wedding

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You never thought this day would come but you are getting married and you're more than ecstatic to start planning your big day. When your partner got down on one knee and asked for your hand in marriage, you were definitely over the moon. In fact, you can't stop staring at that beautiful diamond ring on your finger and have already shared the good news with all your family and friends.

In the middle of everything, however, you have your fears. What are you going to do? Where are you going to start? How should you go about the wedding planning process? Now you know why a lot of girls turn into bridezillas before they even know it but you certainly don't want to be one. You want to embrace this time in your life and just cherish every step leading
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Go Classic and Romantic

Flowers, pearls, blush tones and candles—what's not to love about the classic romantic theme? If you're one of those who absolutely love everything about Audrey Hepburn and would easily swoon over pink roses and ribbons, here are some tips that you could use:

Use candles in lanterns to make your aisle look more romantic. You can also use them around your wedding reception venue to set the mood for the night.
Spread rose petals around your venue or in tables and choose floral arrangements that are dainty enough to get that classic romantic vibe.
Give your bridesmaids pearl accessories to use for the wedding. If you want to go all out with your theme, have their hair styled like Audrey Hepburn's classic look.

Love Boho and Barns? Go Rustic

One look and it's easy to know why a lot of couples go for the rustic theme. Getting married in a barn, vineyard or garden is, after all, a dream for a lot of brides. Now if you love a floral crown, a lace dress and everything else rustic, these tips will surely be useful:

Pick out the perfect venue because it will play a huge role in how you can successfully execute your theme. Since rustic is all about natural landscapes and elements, it would be smart to find a location that has a great view. It could be a barn, a garden or a
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You have these great them options to choose from and a lot of other beautiful details that will surely make your big day beautiful and unforgettable for you and your guests. Take your time, do your research, go back to your love story and of course, communicate with your partner so you can pick the theme that will represent your personalities perfectly. Don't be afraid to go bold or simple. Try new things and make your wedding planning as fun and exciting as possible. Remember that this will happen only once in your life so make sure to enjoy the ride to one of the biggest days of your

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