Argumentative Essay On Henna Night

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The prospective married couples needs a home during the engagement phase and after the wedding. Traditionally the family of the bride is responsible for the bedroom and kitchen appliances while the rest are shouldered by the grooms family, but research shows that it is disgraceful for the family of the bride to o purchase the bedroom and the family of the groom is expected to buy everything that is related to the couples new home.
Henna Night A Henna night is a traditional bachelorette party for the bride which includes the female relatives and friend of the bride. A henna night is a traditional girls night only, wearing traditional dresses and and performs traditional wedding rituals. The brides wear a traditional robe called “bindali”, the ritual is the bride sits on the chair while her face is covered with a piece of red clothing and young girls dance around her carrying a lit candles. While the ritual goes on a small amount of henna is applied in both hands of the bride for goodluck.
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All of the cars attending are given a embroidered towel by the grooms family and they will tie it up in the rear view mirrors and they move towards the brides home to fetch her, and when they reach the brides house all of the people will dance until the bride comes out, and the bride bids farewell to her family a red maiden hood belt is tied at her waist before leaving the house for the last

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