Tawanan Wedding Essay

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Have you ever gone to any wedding or your own wedding? Every girl wants to have a fantasy wedding since her childhood, but it still has several ceremonies that people should be following. The traditional ceremonies make the wedding to be busy, solemn, emotional, and feel holy. People believe that following these ceremonies, a new couple’s life will be happier. Not only do different countries have unique customs, cultures, and traditional to respect, but different countries also have some similar traditions that people known, such as America and Asian countries. Preparing the wedding, during the wedding, and after the wedding, the wedding is always busy because it needs abide by the rituals. Different countries have unique rituals that differences …show more content…
First, even if the distance from America to Taiwan is far, their ceremonies have some differences and similarities. When you decide to get married, it means you will become busy because you have a lot of things to do. Before the wedding, the bride would choose the wedding dress that usually is white long gown and have lace or some jewels. Most Americans want their own dress, so they usually buy the wedding dress according to the wedding’s main color or image. The new couple will provide the gift list for their guests, so they need to choose one thing in the list to be a present. However, Taiwanese don’t want to spend much money on the wedding, so people usually rent the dress. When guests attend the ceremonies, they should give the red envelope with money inside to be a gift. All of these behaviors give the wish to the new …show more content…
The wedding venues is totally difference. American venues are usually in church because most Americans are Christian or Catholic who used to swear their promises in front of good and accept the blessing from god and priest. In contrast, Taiwan venues usually are in the hotel ballroom, and guests gather then give the new couple their wishes. However, there are some similar important ceremonies are exchanged the wedding rings and kiss each other that mean they become husband and wife. After that, the bride tosses the bouquet to other girls that give them her blessing, so the girl who gets the bouquet will be the next bride.
Afterward, the two countries also have the wedding party, but it is a huge difference. People always dance in the wedding party in America, so the party site is large which has a dance floor, and the new couple need to practice their dance. Conversely, people usually have a honeymoon in America and Taiwan. They travel to some place where they want to go and enjoy their marriage. Depends on each person, some people like ocean, so they could be the island; therefore, some people like the city, so they might go New York or

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