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  • Same Sex Marriage Case Summary

    couple) to bake a wedding cake for them. According to Mr. Phillips, who is a born-again Christian, he cannot and will not design desserts for same-sex weddings. Mr. Phillips cites his Christian beliefs in that it would be a violation and rebellion again God to do so. His beliefs are that the Bible’s definition of marriage is clear and that it does not include marriage of same-sex couples. Craig…

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  • Magical Symbolism In Like Water For Chocolate

    Her emotional contribution here does not come in the form of a physical additive; rather, perhaps it is the care she takes in shelling the nuts, a task that “was well worth the sacrifice,” as “it had a special significance for her” (230). Later, Pedro’s proposal of marriage further amplifies these feelings of care and dedication, adding even more power to the dish. When the wedding guests eat Tita’s chiles, they absorb all of her love, affection, and desire, culminating in a widespread…

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  • Ali Caakes Case Study

    Services Ali Cakes offers a product line of celebration and wedding cakes, cupcakes, brownies, bars, petit fours, cheesecakes, macaroons, and cookies. Their products differ from other bakeries within the area due to their uniqueness and customization. Ali Cakes customizes each order to fit the customers’ requests. Alison specializes in wedding cakes, which is their primary cash cow. Her ability to create unique and specialized orders allows Ali Cakes to reach a…

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  • Like Water For Chocolate In The Novel Like Water For Chocolate

    with him because Mama Elena doesn’t want to see them talking. Pedro is Tita’s love and Tita is Pedro’s love. Rosaura, Tita’s older sister, ends up marrying Pedro, only because Pedro believes this will be the only way he will be close to Tita. Gertrudis is another one of Tita’s sisters. Gertrudis runs away from home with one of the Pancho Villa’s soldiers, Juan Alejandrez, and later becomes a General in the army. Later, Gertrudis and Juan get married. Nacha, the family’s cook, raised Tita after…

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  • Symbolism In Like Water For Chocolate

    infused Tita’s blood with the petals causing adverse effects on those who ate it. Gertudis was just a bystander in the crossfire of Tita’s powerful cooking. When love is not in the air Tita’s cooking can also take a turn for the worse. Being forced to make a cake Tita labors for Pedro and Rosaura’s wedding too. While cooking Nacha says to Tita “"Now we're alone in the kitchen, so go ahead and cry, my child, because I don't want them to see you crying tomorrow. Especially not Rosaura”…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Surprise Birthdays And Surprise Ideas

    We all love birthdays as it brings with it the joy of eating cakes and gifting or receiving birthday gifts! Planning a surprise birthday party or a get-together for your loved one can be an exciting affair. It could be for your boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, colleagues, or your spouse. No matter how much you know them, planning a surprise birthday can be a little tricky. To make it easier, we have some easy and cool birthday surprise ideas to bring happiness on this wonderful occasion. Birthday…

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  • Dumb Wedding Rhetorical Analysis

    X Overly Elaborate and Expensive Celeb Weddings ... post to category ... Wedding At this writing, I 've been happily married for ten years (yay me!). I don 't know about you, but I had absolutely no clue what I wanted my wedding to be like. I knew how I wanted my marriage to be, but not my wedding. I found that there are some people who look down their nose at you if you don 't do “certain” things in “certain” ways. Whatever. I also found out that things can get really expensive really…

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  • Characteristics Of A Pastry Chef

    A pastry chef is a master baker and dessert artist. They typically make cakes, chocolates, tarts, pies and other delectable creations. But these items are limited only but the creativity of the pastry chef. However, it takes more than just having a sweet tooth to become a pastry chef. Only a few know that it requires intense amount of skills and work to be able to create any one of those desserts. A few qualities are required to be a pastry chef. One of the qualities that a pastry chef requires…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Yummy Chocolate

    it's not only a chocolate, but a personalized chocolate greeting card. Now you might be thinking of what are personalized chocolate greeting card! Yes, you are right what you thought of, because the name itself says it's a beautiful combination of greeting card and a chocolate with a personalized idea of yours on it which might be a text or a photo or fusion of both. Chocolate has become one of the most favored food in the world that can be use in large number of foodstuffs. Whether it's a cake,…

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  • Mazzetti's Strengths And Weaknesses

    others for the attraction of customers. Another weakness is their size and location. Not only are they physically limited to the amount of goods they can bake but are restricted geographically to the city of Pacifica. Their most reviewed item, the Derby Cake, requires refrigeration and limits the range the cake can travel without…

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