Ali Caakes Case Study

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Products and Services Ali Cakes offers a product line of celebration and wedding cakes, cupcakes, brownies, bars, petit fours, cheesecakes, macaroons, and cookies. Their products differ from other bakeries within the area due to their uniqueness and customization. Ali Cakes customizes each order to fit the customers’ requests. Alison specializes in wedding cakes, which is their primary cash cow. Her ability to create unique and specialized orders allows Ali Cakes to reach a broad spectrum of customers. Through customization Alison is able to fulfill each order to the specifications of the event or special occasion. Meaning, Ali Cakes will design their sweet treats in specific colors, designs, and shapes to fit the customer’s desires. Due to their willingness to create nearly anything their customers request, the employees may receive strange requests. Once, they received an order to create …show more content…
Alison creates beautiful cakes and treats, but she also provides exemplary customer service. Ali Cakes is a customer based company, so it’s key that they provide services to customers as well as excellent finished products. Alison is passionate about keeping customer service one of her main priorities. Putting the customer first and being flexible is one of Ali Cakes biggest competitive advantages. Since most products are ordered for special occasions they must focus on creating an excellent experience for each customer. Ali Cakes understands the importance of brand awareness and strives to promote their products and brand. With a clear, distinctive cupcake symbol as you walk in the door, customers can clearly recognize and recall Ali Cakes products. Ali Cakes has also developed a slogan, which is as follows, “sugar, spice, and everything nice.” By creating a catchy slogan, customers can resonate with the saying and recall it when they’re sweet tooth cravings kick

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