Persuasive Essay On Wedding Planning

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which expenses they are willing to cover or an amount that they are willing to contribute, if any.
Let the Planning Begin Most couples hire wedding planners nine to 18 months before the wedding day to help bring the many elements together. (Reitmeyer, J. n.d.) When beginning the process of wedding planning, there are some very important questions that must be answered. “Did you set a date? Do you want a big wedding? Do you want a traditional wedding?” The most important one probably being around the budget. “How much do you want to spend on a wedding?” Answering this question involves figuring out what you can afford. Especially if the bride or the couple is paying for the wedding without any outside help. A lot of thought has to go around
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For many couples, this is a way to say I-Do in style and get a honeymoon all-in-one. They avoid of stress of planning and they save money all at the same time. 24 percent of marriages are indeed destination weddings and this option tends to be most popular for brides over 30. More than half of the couples that decide to have destination weddings foot the bill themselves. Statistically speaking, weather plays a big role in couples deciding to have destination weddings, but if kept simple and includes minimal people, it is a great way to keep a budget small. The leading destination for out of town weddings is La Vegas with 125,000 weddings being performed annually. The next top spots would be Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas and Mexico and Florida, tied as the least popular.
When planning a wedding on a budget, there are quite a few things that should be looked at and taken into consideration. However, one of the main things that should quite clear is that you don’t have to spend millions of dollars to have a dream wedding. “There are places to spend and not to, where it will show and not show.” (Hiring a Wedding Planner, 2009)The wedding planner is responsible for making sure that wise decisions are made to stretch the money as far as it can go in order to provide the couple with a wedding day they will never forget and that their guests will talk about for years to

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