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  • Web Design

    Technology is changing rapidly. Many businesses have started to appreciate the need of using websites to market their products and services. Designing websites is now a major service in the fast moving world of internet business. The number of websites found on the World Wide Web has greatly increased. This is the reason why web design is important to businesses. You will realize that those companies that have invested in web design have ended up being very successful. Web design actually goes a long way in improving the prospects of such businesses via the internet. Web design forms a critical part of the web development process. You have to come up with an attractive, glamorous and easily navigable website so that you can draw more traffic…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship At Data To Insight Center

    During my internship as a web developer at Data to Insight (D2I) center, I did many different types of work from trivial tasks like organizing assets to substantial technology-based project like building a full function website from scratch. I got started my job with simple static websites, and then began to maintain and improve websites built on different Web Content Management Systems, and tried to create brand new websites using CMSs later. Occasionally I also needed to help on some…

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  • Joomla Case Study

    Joomla is a content management system (CMS) and popular software for websites and online applications. It is an open source easy to use solution and is freely available to all. With its scalable MVC design pattern it is an ideal base for web applications and used to construct, manage and publish content in blogs, intranets, websites and mobile applications. Joomla hosting has a wide following with over 3 percent of the web and over 9 percent of CMS market share. It boasts of over half a million…

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  • Django Case Study

    friendliness to both beginners and advanced programmers. Django makes it easier to build better web apps quickly and with less code. Django is robust enough to be used by the largest websites in the world. Django was designed to handle two challenges: the intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of the experienced Web developers Question: How will you define Django programming Language? Answer: Django is a web framework in python to develop a web application…

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  • Isp Research Paper

    1 - Web Architecture ISP - Internet Service Providers An Internet Service Provider is technically a company that provides internet connectivity to a house or business customers. ISP’s will also be able to offer dial-up or broadband service to consumers. Companies that offer these products are Virgin Media, BT and sky. As well as this they can also offer forms of internet access such as modem dial-up to DSL and cable modem broadband service to dedicated T1/T3 lines. Web Hosting Services Web…

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  • Atelier Lemontrend Case Study

    Atelier Lemontrend - web design, illustrations and website improvement from Vienna. Atelier Lemontrend is your full-benefit accomplice for website composition, illustrations, web-based showcasing and site improvement from Vienna. We have practical experience in the necessities of little and medium estimated organizations, new companies and sole proprietors, and also organizations in the counseling, human services and land ventures. Webdesign, illustrations and site design improvement from Vienna…

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  • Wordpress Case Study

    Wordpress on your website. Unzip them on your computer so they are ready to go onto your server. 2. Setup up your Wordpress database. How to do so will vary a little…

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  • Importance Of E Learning In The Digital Age

    This has led to the need for finding a way in which the website will respond dynamically to the user 's behaviour and environment based on the screen size, platform, and orientation. Responsive Web Design technology allows the user as he changes from using a laptop, to a smartphone or tablet, for the website to automatically adapt to accommodate for image, resolution, and scripting…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Search Engine Optimisation

    (SEO) is actually some of those stuff that is considered essential for achievements within the web. As well as on the net status supervision as well as social media marketing supervision, this is one of the core tenants involving executing organization online, as well as there are many reasons for this kind of. Nevertheless in the altering personal panorama, is actually WEB OPTIMIZATION definitely essential for web site achievements? To supply a little qualifications about what WEB OPTIMIZATION…

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  • Smith And Associates Case Study

    Smith and Associates specializes in global distribution. They are currently seeking a junior web developer that has experience in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and understanding of grid-based design / responsive design. Although I have a bachelor’s in Business Administration, I still need a minimum of an associates as a Web Developer to be able to apply and be taken in to consideration. Smith and Associates is a company that offers services worldwide and has global locations. Smith offers expertise…

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