The Influence Of Texting And Mass Communication

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Look around. How many people are on smart phones, laptops, and or tablets? The answer is probably at least half of everyone in the room. And that certain group of people are most likely doing internet related activities, like social media, on line shopping, or reading the news. Internet is everywhere now; most people have it at the touch of their fingertips with the multiple of mobile devices they own. It’s the twenty-first century and although we do not have flying cars as predicted, we have an advanced internet network. The internet has grown rapidly over the past decade compared to other technologies, like television and telephones, that took more than double the amount of time to evolve into what it is today. It now connects more than …show more content…
Without the improvement of internet speed and access, mass communication would not be possible. Since the internet reaches all corners of the globe making communication with the influence of internet to become very prevalent in our daily lives. It has become so prevalent because it comes in different forms, like social media and texting. An article done by Pew Research Center discusses how digital communication has become worldwide with the help of texting and social media. They took surveys in wealthy nations and developing countries related to cellphones and their different uses. The results showed that seventy five percent of the world uses their cellphones the most for texting (“Global Digital Communication…” 1). Since texting depends on the internet, these results show internet has improved global communication. Without texting, reaching people across the globe is hard because before phones had internet the user most likely had to pay to get in contact with someone in a different country. Texting is not the only way to get in touch with someone out of the country. Another form of internet based communication is social media. The same people who performed a survey on texting in countries across the globe, also did a survey on social media use in those same countries. Results of these surveys showed that social media was more common in wealthier countries. However, people in developing countries still use social media at the same rate if not higher as the ones in wealthier countries. Social media has become a popular form of communication because of its different uses. Furthering their research on digital communication, the Pew Research Center took a closer look at social media and college students. They surveyed who used social media more, people with college degrees or ones without them. Their results showed people with college degrees used it more

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