Technical Communication

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Communication, a seemingly very simple word, however, when put into action can be a lot more complex than what we envision it to be. There are classes, books, and websites dedicated to teaching individuals, the proper way to communicate, in correlation to their relationships to each other. Communication in specific areas like business or the health professions are important to make sure things are done correctly so that we do not have to worry about small misunderstandings that could lead to disastrous results. Bad communication could lead to death in the health profession or a failed business deal. The following websites gives us some insight into the two previously mentioned professions. Although, both website both want to teach us how to …show more content…
Society of Technical Communication does not allow you to see all of its website, if you do not have a membership. It only gives you a glimpse of technical communication and its definition. It also gives a brief history of the website and what it was designed for. Like Society of Technical Communication, Patient Provider Communication gives a brief description and history of its websites. However, Patient Provider Communication is free to access, and it also gives us full essays. Moreover, they cite the websites that they gathered their information from, so that they can give credit to the original person. They also gives the reader other websites to go to so that they can better understand communication between the health professional and the patient. The advertisements on both websites are limited within themselves they do not have a lot of other things going on other then what they offer according to the furthering of their website. Society of Technical Communication has a few advertisements that are geared towards business professionals, while patient provider communication did not have any advertisements but plenty of links that allowed you to explore other websites that pertained to the subject of proper communication between you and your patient. Patient Provider Communication also, gives you all of their

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