The Importance Of Communication In Medicine

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There has been a history of poor communication in the medical field that has stemmed from physicians not being able to communicate well. Physicians are having issues trying to use medical terminology and also convey the meaning of the terminology to their patients. Some patients walk away from the doctor 's office feeling as though they still don 't understand what exactly is going on with them. Physicians do not realize that the medical terminology is creating a disconnect between their patients. Communication in the Health Care System is a skill that is necessary for Physicians; however, they lack the ability to listen, speak w/o using medical jargon, and write effectively. The unique ability to listen to individuals and convey what they are saying is important in all aspects of communication because it provides a connection between the listener and the speaker. Failure to listen in the health care system may cause physicians to wrongly diagnose a patient, increase law suit, and separate the …show more content…
Communication in the health department is essential because without it, health would diminish significantly. The way doctors and patients talk to each other should be on a level that is simplistic and clear. In the article, Taking Medical Jargon Out of Doctor Visits by Laura Landro, she confirms that "Confused by scientific jargon, doctors ' instructions and complex medical phrases, patients are more likely to skip necessary medical tests or fail to properly take their medications, the agency says." This reveals how comprehension between the patient and the doctor is beneficial in health care so that doctors could detect illness right away, lower health care cost, and prevent physicians from building law suits. The quicker efficient communication could be distributed among patients from doctors, the better individuals well being would be in low health

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