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  • Reflective Essay: A True Sense Of Belonging

    definitely celebrate a lot! The competition that I cherished the best, Occurred on October 15th, 2016 in Corpus Christi, but I endured test! The fact that we were going to spend three hours on a bus ride was considered wasted time, So I had to settle upon whether to go or to stay to finish work, which seemed like a crime! I wasn’t going to give up my chance since I made girls’ team 1, But I also needed to complete my homework or else I wouldn’t be allowed to have fun. So I determined up with a solution to solve my trouble so that I wouldn’t be tied; I would go compete, but do my homework on the bus ride. So after committing to that decision, my dad drove me to school, He dropped me off and said, “Make sure you don’t get hurt and don’t act like a fool.” I muttered to my dad, “Okay” and I unlatched the door, I entered the school and joyfully went to see PT and the other teams in the corps. We lingered for a while for other competitors to show, When they all appeared at 7:50 a.m., we recognized it was time to go. We boarded the bus, But since no one remembered to use the restroom, there was such a fuss! My team then mounted the bus that is normally used for school, Unlucky for us, the drill teams received charter buses, which just didn’t appear cool. But it became okay with us since we didn’t mind, As long as we didn’t get left behind! Off we traveled to Flour Bluff in Corpus Christi, on a three hour drive, It was very quiet and really unalive. Even though music started…

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  • The Last Judgement Poem Analysis

    By analysing the language used in ‘The Last Judgement’ I will endeavour to explore the pageant’s intended effect on the audience, looking specifically at the significance of place and the pageant’s structure. The York Corpus Christi play is structured so that within one day the audience are told the story of Christianity from the creation of the world to judgement day, which, if viewed from an Aristotelian perspective, could be seen as having a tragic plot structure (a fall from good to bad).…

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  • JA School Observation Essay

    Within the city of Corpus Christi, there is evidence of economic disparity. I discovered this through my experience with the Junior Achievement (JA) program, and through data collected and observations made on my assigned school and its neighborhood, and of other JA schools in the city of Corpus Christi. All data and observations were collected to show comparisons between each JA school. The information found is valuable because it is important to know about both the physical side of a community…

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  • Third Shift Case Study

    The Third Shift The third shift at the Corpus Christi plant is not making its production goals. When the Coordinator or Winslow try to help the third shift, workers claim that they are going back on their promises. The cause of this issue is that Winslow did not set a hard boundary line for the decisions that the Self Directed teams could take on as they matured. He did not expect them to set production goals for themselves or to be involved in developing and setting strategies for the entire…

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  • Brain Observation Paper

    2 a. They generally suffer from severe epilepsy and to reduce the severity of the seizures, as a last resort, a surgical operation is performed to sever the corpus callosum either partially or completely. Because of this, the patient essentially has two different brains such that the two hemispheres are isolated preventing intercommunication as well as the spread of the seizure to another hemisphere. 2 b. Hence we can observe that language is predominantly lateralized to the left hemisphere.…

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  • How To Severe Epilepsy

    AIMS The following questions have to do with the study of patients who have undergone a surgery (for medical reasons, severe epilepsy being one) that severed the corpus callosum. This leaves the two halves of the brain to work independently from one another. The main questions this study seeks to answer are: how do the two halves of the brain interact with each other and how is this relationship altered after the subjects have undergone this surgery? METHODS Basically, subjects were asked…

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  • California Death Penalty Case Study

    California. California is currently home to the largest death row in the nation housing 743 inmates as of January 1, 2015 (Death Penalty Information). Sentencing an inmate with the death penalty is more expensive than its alternative of life without parole. Judge Arthur Alarcon assessed that more than $4 billion have been spent on implementing the death penalty from 1978 to 2013 (DPIC). Here is a following breakdown of the costs: $1.94 billion spent on pre-trial and trial costs, $925 million…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gitmo

    states the writ of Habeas Corpus, which requires a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court, to secure the person's release unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention (1). The lower courts deemed no constitutional rights extended to the Guantanamo detainees because technically Guantanamo Bay is not an American territory, but rather, it is a Cuban territory with an agreed upon American jurisdiction, and therefore, the Constitution did not apply. Needless to say…

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  • Apple And The FBI Analysis

    The feud between Apple and the FBI has received a substantial amount of media coverage lately. The legal arguments for each side appear to be equally laudable, which impelled investigate on my own. I decided to explore the question of whether or not Apple should produce a back-door to assist in the FBI’s investigation. The FBI, which initiated the debate, argued that Apple has to comply citing the All Writs Act of 1789. Apple refuses to comply stating that if the back-door was to be produced and…

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  • Ethical Essay: The Ethics Of The Death Penalty

    death penalty. Life sentence without parole is three times less expensive. The reason for this is it is a very slow process; it can take about 20 years or more. Gary Graham was convicted of a crime he did in 1981; however he was executed in 2000. Even if the criminal was guilty of the crime the process is very long process (Costs of the Death Penalty, 2011-2013). Most people do not think how much the death penalty cost vs life time prison sentence. California Judge Arthur Alarcon and Prof. Paula…

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