Attribution of recent climate change

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  • Global Warming: The Failure Of The Kyoto Protocol

    Advancements in technology over the past few decades have distressed the Earth’s environment globally. Due to the increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released into the atmosphere, mostly due to human activities, there has been a large concern over the dangers of global warming. Between 1990 and 2008, global GHG emissions have increased by approximately 1.5 times, causing an international concern (Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data, 2015). Although GHGs are naturally formed, human activity significantly stimulates their production through the release of CO2 by burning fossil fuels in industry, transport and in creating energy. The negative outcome of the immense GHGs released are increasing temperatures and amount of precipitation globally, glacial melt at the poles, sea level rise and other extreme events. The Kyoto Protocol, which took place in Kyoto, Japan in December 1997 – February 2005, was an extend to the UNFCCC goals established in June 1992 which aimed at reducing global GHG emissions due to proven man-made activities by 2008 – 2012. 192 different countries participated in the Kyoto Protocol where it was necessary to target the issue of increased GHG emissions due to daily human activities. The goal of the Kyoto Protocol was to decrease the amount of GHG emission by 5% globally by 2008-2012 relative to the emissions produced in 1990. The goal varied between nations, where the main producers, such as Canada and the US, had to decrease their GHG emissions by a…

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  • The Paris Accords: A Comparative Analysis

    The Parris accords displays the political battleground of varying parties and confirms the benefits and drawbacks of man’s nature at global power, which influences the Earth and the societies that inhabit it. Even though politics is a battle of words and power, it can also be a battle of the people’s support. Manmade climate change is widely believed by the American and global populace, only being opposed by the majority of the Republican party. Conservatives believe that climate change is a…

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  • Global Warming: The Signs And The Science

    For the last several decades, there have been many discussions regarding global warming. As of now, it has become one of the biggest problems our world faces today. The PBS film “Global Warming; The Signs and the Science,” aims to call attention to the dangers society faces from climate change and suggests urgent actions that need to be taken immediately. The program tries to explain to its audience that global warming is very much in evidence by showing clips of science experts who explain the…

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  • Urban Climate Change

    IQRA UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Cities and Climate Change: An Urgent Agenda Term Paper 5/24/2016 Submitted to: Dr Baber Submitted by: Ramish Chohan-23375 Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 1 PROBLEM STATEMENT 1 SITUTAIONAL ANLYSIS 1 CHALLENGES 2 LITERATURE RIVEW- IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON CITIES 2 SOLUTION 3 GREENING THE CITIES ECONOMY 3 BUILDING 4 WASTE 4 RETHINKING GOVERNANCE 4 REFERENCES 6 INTRODUCTION Climate change is affecting towns and their residents, mainly the bad, and…

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  • Global Warning Essay

    Luckily the United States plants 1.6 billion seeds each year and other countries contribute as well. An average tree can survive for thousands of years and they keep the environment safe and clean. They also help against erosion and can grow up to 115 metres high. At the moment governments and charities are aiming towards planting more trees in our world. Many organisations have been established such as “plantabillion”. This group is aiming to “plant trees and restore forests around the world.…

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  • The Seasons Alter Chapter Summary

    In this paper I will discuss hoe the character Jo from Chapter 1 of Philip Kitcher and Evelyn Fox Keller’s “The Seasons Alter”, develops two broad types of evidential support for human-induced climate change. Her two claims include: build on what you know and consider the alternatives. I will accuracy present how these two types of evidential support for human-induced climate change (build on what you know and consider the alternatives), support the claim that human activities are contributing…

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  • The Ecology Center: The Cause Of Global Warming

    However, there is still a debate about what is causing the increase. There are groups of individuals who believe that human activity is to blame and will harm the earth’s environments. Other groups believe that the increase in temperature is due to the earth’s natural geological cycle, in which they believe that the earth will thrive and there will be no apparent harm. On the other hand, a different group believes that global warming can be a result of a variety of different factors including…

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  • Climate Change Causes

    Introduction The climate change is understood to be most serious natural phenomenon facing most countries in the world. It can defined as change in global or regional climate patterns and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. There are multiple causes which are considered the main element in this phenomenon occurring such as human activities . Gaining an insight through research and observation of among overseas students…

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  • Point Of No Return Analysis

    In recent years, as technology advances faster than ever, there has also been a huge surge in the awareness of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. In the article, The Fast-Approaching ‘Point of No Return’ for Climate Change by Karin Kamp and John Light, top climate scientists warns the international policymakers about the current and potential permanent damages to our environment, sets a target level for lessening harmful greenhouse gases, and urges policymakers to push for new policies…

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  • Importance Of Ice In Pakistan

    Within the next two to three decades they will be gone, which is faster than any were else in the wlore world. The country’s high vulnerable to the impact of climate change is because of its diverse topographic and demographic settings (PPI, 2015). This has Pakistan being watched as one of the most at risk places in the world for the effects of climate…

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