Global Warming And The Ecology Center

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Currently, earth is the only planet possessing the capability to conceive and sustain life. Through out the planets 1.4 billion years of history, there have been ice ages and warm periods. Currently, the Earth is experiencing an accelerated increase in surface temperatures through out the beginning of a warm period in recorded history. It is clear from scientific data that the reason for the rise in temperature is due to the surge of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere. Since the identification of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, its presence has been tracked. Thanks to this historical data it is clear that the increase in greenhouse gases are the cause of global warming. However, there is still a debate about what is causing the …show more content…
The organization works with legislators to influence new laws and improve current renewable energy policies as well as reduce the use of coal-fired power plants. The organization also works with southeast Michigan communities’ to increase the availability of alternative transit options. They also strive to advance the development of additional electric vehicles and increase the distribution of the energy stations for electric cars through out southeastern Michigan. The Ecology Center location is in the heart of Ann Arbor and has hired people possessing a wide variety of specialties. Some members degrees include, education director, marketing director, legislative & policy director, research director, staff scientist to name a few. I interviewed Mara Herman, who is currently the Health Outreach Coordinator, she advocates educating people about the strong connection between power plant emissions and human health. The organization believes that human activity plays a large role in global warming and in turn a polluted environment harms human health. The organization tackles its objectives by employing interdisciplinary approaches, allowing the organization to

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