Global Warming: The Signs And The Science

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For the last several decades, there have been many discussions regarding global warming. As of now, it has become one of the biggest problems our world faces today. The PBS film “Global Warming; The Signs and the Science,” aims to call attention to the dangers society faces from climate change and suggests urgent actions that need to be taken immediately. The program tries to explain to its audience that global warming is very much in evidence by showing clips of science experts who explain the signs and science behind this situation. The program reviews evidence that human activities are causing a groundbreaking period of climatic and deadly incidents such as droughts, storms, flooding, population increase, and the increase of diseases. Global Warming is a major crisis that is being discussed all around the world. Many science experts in the film give evidence that humans are the cause of global warming. Earth is already struggling to keep itself alive, and humans are making it worse by the excess heat we generate from Carbon Dioxide and other wastes that we have built up. These changes are damaging the environment and agricultural population, threatening wild species with extinction, damaging our favorite cities by seas, and putting human lifestyles and health at risk. In the …show more content…
Individuals should recognize the risks of Global Warming and strive to reduce energy consumption. Ignoring this issue will affect weather everywhere, plants and animals, and people. I would recommend this film to everybody because it presents scientific concepts and evidence about global warming in a clear, brief, and entertaining way. It presents great nature photography and videos, graphs, interviews of personal experiences from individuals, etc. This film motivated me and gave me the power to move forward and make better decisions for our planet. By diminishing your use of electric energy and fuels can make a huge difference for our

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