Rhetorical Essay On Global Warming

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I will be writing a causal essay on global warming talking about three effects that global warming causes. Dr Williamson reports”english 1301: Composition and Rhetoric Essay #2: Casal Argument”(1). Reducing the effects of global warming is in order to effectively address global warming, we must significantly reduce the amount of heat-trapping emissions we are putting into the atmosphere. My argument will be in a causal argument form. Andrea A. Lunsford states, “an argument that seeks to explain the effects of a cause, the causes of an effect, or a causal chain in which A causes B, B causes C, C causes D, and so on”(E.A.A). Global warming starts with the greenhouse effect, which are created by the relationship between the radiation from the sun and the Earth's atmosphere. Human activity also introduces toxic gases into the Earth's atmosphere causing major problems. I hope to reduce the emission …show more content…
Andrea A. Lunsford claims, “the opportune moment; in arguments, the timeliness of an argument and the most opportune ways to make it”(E.A.A). Kairos helps me appeal to environmentalists about how the environment is currently being affected by global warming. Having temperature rise due to global warming is affecting the ecosystems. The author of “Climate Change” points out, “rising temperatures are depressing some plants and animals populations, driving species toward the poles , shifting migrations and behavior”. This article is important because it allows me to talk about the problems that global warming is causing towards the marine ecosystem. This article talks about how if environmentalists don't take action to stop global warming. Than Marine species affected by climate change include the basis of marine food chains such as fish, polar bears, walruses etc.Will be effective majorly losing habitats and changing behavior and migration patterns in the species living

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