Rhetorical Strategies In Mission Blue

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Everyone loves the warm weather of the summer. The sun beating down, heating up the once icy ground after a winter with scarcely any reprieve from it’s brutal conditions. Many even travel throughout the colder months to places that experience summer virtually all year long. But at what point does something so wonderful become dangerous? With the temperature at such a prime point for an extended period of time, catastrophic events will begin to occur. The poles will begin melting, sea levels will begin rising, and entire cities will begin sinking underwater. Unfortunately, these apocalyptic circumstances have already begun happening. The hands of nearly every person on Earth today have helped contribute. The burning of fossil fuels is leading to worldwide climate change and it does not appear to be coming to an end. In an effort to persuade the people of the world to …show more content…
Stevens more recently uncovered his love for documentaries when he helped to found Insurgent Media, which was established only to produce documentaries, after a career of acting. His quest in exposing the harm facing the planet began with his 2014 documentary Mission Blue, detailing the life of an oceanographer and environmentalist. He also believed that incorporating a name like Leonardo DiCaprio would help the success of his message. When producing Before the Flood, both Stevens and DiCaprio felt it necessary to release the film before the 2016 election in order to help raise awareness for the issue, seeing as none of the presidential candidates seemed to have any belief in climate change. Stevens had DiCaprio interview influential people such as President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Pope Francis, as well as many others across the globe, about their feeling towards climate change and how to fix the problem within this new

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