Global Warning Essay

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What is global warning?

Our world faces an everlasting dangerous threat…… global warming. This is caused by the increase of the earth’s atmosphere temperature and by the moving levels of carbon dioxide. We know this because in the last 650,000 years the polar ice caps have gradually been reduced to water.

The Polar ice caps melting.

Other things have also been caused by this problem such as the ocean rising, heat rising, droughts, floods, storms and many more that will occur in the following years. For example in 2012, Hurricane Sandy killed 147 people and this was because of global warming. To solve this whole problem, countries are discussing it and we need to do a lot more in order to save our planet. For example in 2015, the U.S. Environmental
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We should take action against global warming because it determines the rest of our future on earth. It could mean the end of our civilization. The air we have in our world now is clean, though a lot of it is dirty and unable to inhale. This could result in many people dying and our world not being clean any more. So if we limit the use of cars, greenhouse gases, factories, and other sources we may be able to get rid of a lot of pollution in our atmosphere. Dirty air is also bad for some people with allergies or problems and they could die. Now on the first page I was talking about how our oceans are taking in emissions. This results in acidic water acidic water! It poses a threat towards underwater life, shellfish and it would cost a lot to purify the sea. Some people think that global warming can lead to another ice age. That however is wrong. This whole problem is linked with the Gulf Stream which is a current. This current takes heat and cold air towards Europe and South America. As earth’s temperature increases, the polar ice caps will melt, injecting fresher water into the Atlantic. This could slow the current (gulf stream) and result in some countries being more cooler than each other. Even though …show more content…
trees. Trees play a big role in the global carbon cycle. They cleanse the air of carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases. For example one large tree can produce one day’s worth supply of oxygen for four people. In our world there is over 3 trillion trees and 3 to 6 of them are cut down per year. Luckily the United States plants 1.6 billion seeds each year and other countries contribute as well. An average tree can survive for thousands of years and they keep the environment safe and clean. They also help against erosion and can grow up to 115 metres high. At the moment governments and charities are aiming towards planting more trees in our world. Many organisations have been established such as “plantabillion”. This group is aiming to “plant trees and restore forests around the world. They are currently helping America, Brazil and China. This is because the United States forests are under threat and diseases and pests such as the Emerald Ash Borer “are killing tens of thousands of acres of trees nationally”. Natural fires and climate change are also affecting the growth of these trees. If we do not take action 50% of this nation’s water will be unfiltered, carbon emissions will not be absorbed, animals will lose

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