US Environmental Law Analysis

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This essay will explain one of the U.S. environmental law. Summarizing major provisions as well as the economic impact of the law. The effect of global warming will be explained as well as weather the U.S. should adopt additional policies to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

The Clean Water Act This paper will discuss the Clean Water Act. The law also known as the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, was initially passed in 1948. It was expanded in 1972, becoming the Clean Water Act (EPA, 2016). This essay will summarize the provision of this law as well as the economic impact. It will explain if anything the law has improved. Additionally, global warming and policies adopted to curb greenhouse gas emissions will be
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Clean water recreation has increased, for example the Boston Harbor is now clean because the Charles river is clean The Charles River used to be the dirties river in the U.S. There was so much pollution there were no fish. When the Charles River was clean the city breathe new life, now they have herring and at the same tie they also protected harbor seals and harbor seals are exploding. The negative is that now they have sharks and harbor seals eat herring but, sharks eat seals. It has definitely improved our ecosystem but with the downsize of added sharks. Today, the Act provides a clear path for clean water and a solid foundation for an effective national water program. As of now two-thirds of our waters are safe for swimming and fishing. The loss of wetlands is only 70,000 to 90,000 acres. The amount of loss soil due to agriculture runoff has been cut by billions of tons annually and phosphorus and nitrate levels have …show more content…
Consider our basic needs are dependent on fossil fuels, water, food and fuel for heating and cooking is likely to travel hundreds of miles to your home. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased and the average temperature on the Earth. Every activity we do every day are contributing to the problem. The effects of global warming have the potential to cause extinction of humanity. We still have time to reduce these effects, but action must be taken. About 97 percent of scientist agree that there is a trend over the past century due to human activities causing climate

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